Andromeda 49 Plan

For reference, the Andromeda 48 details can be found here .

Suggestions are welcome for changes to any of the following settings for Andromeda 49:

Size Settings

  • Map Size
  • Number of Families
  • Family Size
  • Draft Spots

Time Settings

  • Round Start/End Time of Day
  • Offensive Action Delay in Days
  • Market Delay in Days
  • Science Funding Delay in Days

Other Settings

  • Disabled or Enabled: Market
  • Disabled or Enabled: Family Aid
  • Disabled or Enabled: Anonymous Play
  • Number of Defense Stations
  • Starting Resources Multiplier

Please keep suggestions for #andromeda-49 limited to the list above.

If you have ideas that aren’t on this list, feel free to post them in #ideas.

Market Delay: No Market

Offensive Operations Delay: 2 days

NAPs: in game enabled

Galaxy Size: 120x120 (systems in a 80x80 area)

Systems: 500

Planets: 4,000

Fams: 7

Fam Size: 6

Starting Resources: 100X

Max Defense Stations: 3

Anonymous play disabled

Science funding delay 48 hours

Draft ::: full draft

Start time same as last round

Family aid enabled

Can we start a little late and make it a 6-7 week round please?

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i second the ic solos royal

@TheBigOne’s plan sounds great

Like TBO plan, just not the 6-7 weeks unless u change start res to 10x. This round was wrapped up in 2 1/2 weeks


In all fairness, it was just a question. I know pie likes the one a month rounds.

Make it 8 weeks then so it evens out and next andro can start october 1st

I’m down to shake things up if we wanna give 8 weeks a go.

Let’s give it another day at least to discuss, especially with regard to the best resource multiplier.

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8 weeks, 1x, lets go

8 week
Market disabled
2 day attack delay
1 per fam if anon play
2 per fam if no anon play

Thought is to avoid what happened in supernova

Id like to shake things up with a custom map, let your voice be heard on the subject in the topic above!

8 weeks is tooooo long. I am highly against that. It is hard for people to keep interest in a game like this for 4 weeks adding 4 on top of that is ridiculous. It also discourages new players who may end up in a fam that has no hope of continuation after the first 2 weeks. Especially in today’s unfair landscape….

Size Settings

  • Map Size - Custom One
  • Number of Families - 6
  • Family Size - 6
  • Draft Spots - 0

Time Settings

  • Round Start/End Time of Day - Aug 1 (6 Weeks)
  • Offensive Action Delay in Days - 1
  • Market Delay in Days - N/A
  • Science Funding Delay in Days - 0

Other Settings

  • Disabled or Enabled: Market - Disabled
  • Disabled or Enabled: Family Aid - Enabled
  • Disabled or Enabled: Anonymous Play - Disabled
  • Number of Defense Stations - 2
  • Starting Resources Multiplier - 10x

4 weeks round was to short, 6 weeks round is perfect

6-8 week round.

Attack delay: 48 hours

no science delay again

Suv’s custom map.

7 fams of 6 full draft (rising to 7 x 7 when full)

fam aid = on

anon = on

market = disabled

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I think full draft is bad for the game – I’m even starting to think draft generally is bad with the player base at the moment as you get such a disparity between families that whereas you may have a fun time with your friends in your super active family, it discourages much activity in the other families.

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Can you clarify? I’m not sure what the 1 per fam/2 per fam part means.

Thanks. :+1:

1 player or 2 player per family

players to draft or players in a fam total?