Custom Map for Andro 49?

Hi everyone,

Due to the positive and constructive feedback on the Halloween map from last year, I’ve decided to have another go at making an improved version of a custom map, taking away imbalances that inadvertently got into the halloween map.

I’ve opted this time to create a densely populated center, with “moons” orbitting the center “planet”, encouraging 2 or more fams to fight over these moons to get themselves into a prime position to launch attacks on the center “planet”. Other than that there’s lesser “planets” on the outskirts, that will definitely bring a lot of conflict with them, since the “star” your family starts in will soon be too small to confine your family to.

Relevant info to the galaxy:
120x120 map
828 systems
4140 or 4968 planets depending on system size (5/6)
Map is indifferent to the notion of mapwrap, since there’s a ±20* system border of nothingness on all sides.
*Results may vary on your initial placement.

Please let us know if you’d be up for playing this map this upcoming round and any contructive feedback is much appreciated :heart:

  • Custom Map
  • Regular Andro Map

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I’m up for it

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That’s a pretty nice setup

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Is there map wrap?

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Yes, but the systems are so far apart I find it hard to imagine anyones gonna attack across the wrap

deviltenor (1) heh- coolest map ever