Andromeda 44 is Open For Registration

Registration is open!

Join here.

Size Settings

  • 100x100 Map
  • 510 Systems
  • 3060 Planets
  • 10 Families of at least 4 Empires
  • 2 Draft Spots

Time Settings

  • Length: 1 Month
  • Starts Monday, March 01, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Ends Wednesday, March 31, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Offensive Action Delay: 4 days
  • Science Funding Delay: None

Other Settings

:mega: The following settings are different from last round:

  • :mega: Market is disabled
  • :mega: Anonymous play is enabled
  • :mega: Family surrender is disabled

The following settings are unchanged:

  • 1 Evolution
  • Family Aid is enabled
  • 4 Defense Stations
  • 100x Starting Resources
  • Deleting is disabled
  • 35% attack limit is disabled
  • 1-tick “planet cooldown” building limit is enabled

Registration is open!

Join here.



Oh dear. still 19 open spots at SOR.

It’s never too late to invite peeps. :+1: We’ve got plenty in our Discord, and no shortage of friends outside of it.

I know of numerous people who are not playing because of events in last round. It’s sad but hopefully it gives some people the impetus to think about their actions with a bit more humility and common sense for the good of the gameplay experience.

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That’s totally understandable, but is that reason to not invite others?

Just hope it provides a concentration of minds for some, that’s all.

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It’s certainly valuable perspective, thank you.

The fact there’s 24h between EOR and SOR is not helpful either I think… But that has been discussed before…

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Weren’t you the one that suggested the round spans the entire month of May?

I think he’s more referring to the shorter join window this time. The new round was supposed to open 3 days before the start (like last round) but my scheduled got messed up so we lost about a day.

It still did open before EOR though, but to his point the tighter window is a likely factor in the lower start numbers.

To be clear though, there isn’t supposed to be any time between rounds; literally 0 hours. The marker is round open (registration), not round start.

@Hala am I understanding you correctly, or did you mean something else?

Good luck to all people playing this round. Do post wars in uni so we have something to read.

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Nah, I’d do it again

10/10 round


That would be an epic long round lol march, april, may… like 13 weeks round woop woop

And yea @I_like_pie thats what I meant indeed

I meant march obviously, also the entire month of may wouldnt suddenly have 13 weeks in it :man_shrugging:

I think it would be better for a round to be 4 weeks, end on the 28th and give people the 2-3 days in between to wind down from the past round and get ready for the next round…

Gotta have a little down time between rounds, or people will take the whole round off as downtime

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Yeah we gotta figure out a good balance there. We get players from both sides of it; some who don’t like any downtime and are impatient for the next one and others like you mentioned that might get burnt out without at least a small break.

I don’t know what the right solution to that is, as they’re contrasting approaches so there’s no way to fully serve both interests at the same time.

An compromise comes to mind that the 1st of the month is registration instead of SOR, so that you gain a little buffer while still technically playing/coordinating for pre-round. However, that would shorten the already shorter rounds. :thinking:

I’m open to suggestions if anybody has any ideas. :+1:

4 weeks seems ok, 1st - 28th, preround is 29th - 31st… 3 days doesn’t seem too long to wait, but maybe it is because I like the downtime… time for reflection and time for prep