Andromeda 43 Plan

For reference, the Andromeda 42 details can be found here.

Suggestions are welcome for changes to any of the following settings for Andromeda 43:

Size Settings

  • Map Size
  • Number of Families
  • Family Size
  • Draft Spots

Time Settings

  • Round Start/End Time of Day
  • Offensive Action Delay in Days
  • Market Delay in Days
  • Science Funding Delay in Days

Other Settings

  • Disabled or Enabled: Market
  • Disabled or Enabled: Family Aid
  • Disabled or Enabled: Anonymous Play
  • Number of Defense Stations
  • Starting Resources Multiplier

Please keep suggestions for #andromeda-43 limited to the list above. If you have ideas that aren’t on this list, feel free to post them in #ideas.

Andromeda 43 will open for registration on Friday, January 29, 2021 based on suggestions in this thread. The round will start on Monday, February 01, 2021.

Thank you.

  1. Change start time to start 3-4h earlier
  2. Change eship build time back to 5
  3. Fixed # drafts up front, added slots to be randoms

Agree X3

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I would like a SS family round . Getcrazy make it that fancy qezians race

Large large map.

8-10 fams

2 drafts

Few hours earlier is fine
96 hr delay on offensive
No market delay

No science delay
All enabled
4 defense stations
100 x

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

As as reminder, only the things listed the initial post were up for consideration for #andromeda-43. Other changes are still welcome in #ideas.