ANDRO 50 Go Big!

Seeing as we are going into the 50th round of andromeda I thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas now rather then later about what the round could look like.

If you have any ideas please feel free to share them. Also can include what settings you’d like for the next round as we would a normal “next round settings” post.

Definitely would like another amazing custom map from our dear friend the tiger(SUV), hopefully something a bit more chaotic to shake up the rounds….

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How about hardly any planets to explore, but we bring back all the older players as npcs with 50 planets a piece with infra an fleet :wink:

Probably a bad idea, well we just had a long round, the two family thing worked but not really in past rounds…best we can do is a custom map with 5 0 as the systems lol

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If that the best then we should shake up the custom map to be a bit more chaotic to up the excitement.

rephrase, best i can think of :D.

I’ve got 2 ideas for the upcoming round, both of which I think we discussed earlier:

1. 3-man fams:
Either with a regular or custom map, we could go for a 16 fam galaxy with 3 players per fam.

This is just your straight forward round, I think the smaller fams will make for a much more interesting round, especially if drafting is disabled and anonymous play is enabled.

2. 7-man fams with a twist:
Either with a regular or custom map, we could go for another 7 fam galaxy with 7 players per fam.

The twist here would be in the drafting process, which would be as follows:

  • Each Andro 50 fam gets appointed a captain, captains will be picked from the first ranked family in Andro 49 (Boy Scouts)
  • Each captain gets to draft once from each of the 6 different pools of players
  • These 6 pools of players are determined by the EoR ranking of their family in Andro 49, so as it stands that would make Pool 1 fam 55, Pool 2 fam 53, etc.

The idea behind this is to provide for much more balanced families and as such a more interesting round. However @I_like_pie or @Soull would have to oversee this drafting process and manually place players into various families, similar to last year’s Halloween themed round which I personally thoroughly enjoyed.

Also if people are interested in another custom map for the milestone Andro round, I’d be happy to create another one

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I really liked the second idea, when discussing it before it sounded like the most interesting thing that we can do with no hassle.

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2 thoughts:

  1. With 7 man fams the risk of getting inactives is simply too high, and it creates unbalance between fams.

  2. With the current player pool I don’t want to be picked by someone who I don’t want to play with. I have a strong preference to decide where I play myself. So unless I can decline a pick by a captain, I’m not a fan of the second idea.

The 3 or 4 player fam idea is cool though, although I would do it with drafting enabled and anon disabled :wink:

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I’d like to see a Full Draft

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Anonymous Enabled

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Can we get a stay in Fam Option also?

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Option 1: og supernova style full ss 1 player fams, anon play, large galaxy, market enabled , massive income start

Option 2: 2-3 player fams, full draft, large galaxy, anon play, market enabled, medium resource and gold start

Option 3: 6 player fams, 3 drafts, anon play, market disabled, large galaxy, small resource and gold start

My opinion would be Option 1 to change things up a bit but figured I’d post a few option ideas.

2 man fams, don’t care if its anon or not.

I think fam aid disabled (meaning two SS partners) would be interesting.

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I don’t think it makes any sense to make Andro go Supernova style; then we should just open supernova again.

We have seen what happens if market is enabled in the current way it works. That’ll just turn into a super aid system between fams. Some small fam suddenly gets huge fleets and kills you; you’re actually fighting that fam you have a NAP with. So no thanks, no market until it gets redesigned.

My idea:

  • 3 player fams
  • Full draft
  • Market disabled
  • Non-anon
  • 100x starting resources
  • 1 day attack delay

2/3 man fams id give a go, otherwise i won’t rejoin. Fed up with playing amongst dead wood.

Not sure if a name makes any difference but ok.
We have also seen what anon disabled round lead to but some want those still so the market isn’t such a bad thing what so ever, I guess you could say adapt, it worked for over a decade :man_shrugging:
I think doing the same thing time after time is probably not the best option so I’d like to see it changed up a bit. We do to many full draft small fam round and large fams, need a change.

I agree kind of, I know many who won’t be playing if its a large family galaxy but I also know many who won’t play if anon is disabled and is not full draft so either way sounds like some won’t be happy. Need to find a middle ground.

1-3 players is probably best with some small changes

4 player fams, not arsed about anon, big starting resources.

No custom maps they’re shite unless they’re a bit more interlocked/chaotic.

Market disabled. Let’s crack down on IAs shall we as well, make things a bit more interesting.

Both of these ideas sound good to me, but I think 1 is more realistic as the second will take significant coordination to get it right.

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1 man fams, all ward (or camaar). 1000x starting res. 72 hours attack delay. may the odds be ever in your favour

Why would people suggest 1 player fams for Andro? That’s just stupid. We have a galaxy for that, its called Supernova.
You’re basically asking for reopening of SN.