Allow players to downvote ideas

Just like your upvote for ideas, I think we should be allowed to down vote the same amount of ideas.

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How do I down vote this idea?


I’ll implement it so you can downvote it’s implementation. :smiley:

In all seriousness, this is an interesting idea. It would be useful to measure both sides of opinion on suggestions.


I’d like to add, it should be separate.

One for up one for down. Not combined.

So if jets votes yes and I vote no, it shows 1/1 and not a zero vote.

This way we can see how many people are invested :slight_smile:


I like the concept, but we’re at the whim of Discourse here. They’re unfortunately pretty strong-minded that downvotes have no value, which is downright absurd. :unamused:

What we could do though, is use yes/no polls instead of votes which would give a sense of both agreement and disagreement. The downside is that it wouldn’t be sortable so we’d have no viable way to see “top voted” ideas.

That might not be such a bad thing though. :thinking: As it stands, votes are only a single factor for consideration; the discussion that follows is just as important if not sometimes more-so.

Providing both a vote + yes/no poll would be confusing, we would need to choose one or the other.

The question then is: is it worth giving up the ability to see the most wanted ideas, so that we can provide players who disagree equal weight in how an idea is perceived?

My gut says yes. :thinking:

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Bureaucracy at its best!

My gut is shooting yes here too. A poll could show both sides as you said, and with enough discussion, it would be on the top too.


Status on what needs to be done? :slight_smile:


I’m wondering about the usefulness of voting vs discussion.

We’ve moved away from people just clicking “vote” and now require people to push through an idea by talking about it.

Voting up or down is easy, but it also allows for knee-jerk reactions. Most of the time, the biggest factor in suggested features comes down to the arguments for it more than the actual vote count anyway.

So the question now is: is there anything that actually needs doing? Players can already create polls now if they want to.

A simple answer to your question is NO.

Everything we need is already an option. Maybe after it’s agreed upon people can upvote for something you post only so you can keep a running count on who thinks it’s important.

And really that’s just a for you type of thing :slight_smile:

Seems reasonable.

Even though we ended up not doing downvotes specifically, this lead to simplifying the roadmap process in a huge way, so thanks! :ok_hand:

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