Airwings ideas to changes

planets: ETA on each planet untill full pop is reached (planet page)

Map: remove yama , and make people use P-LIST OP! and shortcut to place it into map or send to a player. it also need to be easy to edit anddelete the list in map

featuret to Bookmark or log planets with comment. so u can log a an enemy planet and comment for your self if its portaling etc or being cpffed etc.

Attack page. A link to attack the planet again or bookmark with comment
(exsample: u can comment if its a laser trap or u wana fig run it u can just push the link and trigger again)

Op limit, now with moral controling ops, pax is over powered. change it back :stuck_out_tongue:

Rankings: remove top lists (income, ressie and science) , a fam going heavy on octa or science, etc is a strategic element which should be encloused to the fam alone.


Distance checker: remove closest portal list and just give list with distances.

add a tool to formal a plist into a pharagrap which can be sent to others players.

Bring back old mapgen and I’ll donate like I used to

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@WhiteShadow do you mean mapgen as in Mal’s Map Generator? or do you man the old ingame map?

@Airwing if you want to break these into individual posts inside of the Feature Requests category we can discuss them individually, and even vote on them.


the Mal’s Map Generator, where you took the source code and then put in mapgen to keep up with fam systems as well as individual planets.

fix the source code so it can work again or create one just like the old one

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It’d be better to integrate that functionality into the game directly. Using an external program was a necessity at the time, but we have the means now to build and support that from inside of your browser.

We’re planning to do just that in the new alpha; have something that feels like mal’s map generator ready by default.

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If you want any of these items discussed individually, please create a tread in Feature Requests :slight_smile:

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