An achievements system was started but apparently never finished. I’m deleting that code (it doesn’t actually work) but for the sake of archiving, here’s what it was intended to look like:

Round achievements:
x of total

All time achievements:
x of total

Achievement Example:

Expanding horizons (lvl 3) - Explore 25 planets during the span of one round.

Achievement categories:

  • Exploring
  • Constructing
  • Fighting
  • Fleet
  • Agent ops
  • Wizard ops
  • Diplomatic
  • Miscellaneous

As far as I can tell, this feature never went live. Feel free to discuss below what you would like to see in an achievement system for if/when we resurrect this idea.


More like the badges system from discourse but instead of one badge for each level you just get one badge that upgrades it’s image every level (so colour or a number that just goes up)

Go back in the old forums and look at old achievements. Normally voted on. You could run some of them.

Cash flow

X for attacks
X for retakes
X for aid

It could be cool to have a
“Reached 1000 planets”
“Reached 10 mill gc income”

etc etc, those kind of tedious irrelevant achievements always interest me.

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This has become a priority to support Galaxy joining requirements.

Account vs Empire

Achievements will exist on 2 levels: account and empire.

An account-level achievement will be a 1-time accomplishment. For example, growing to x planets. This will also be what we use to curb multis and inactives for future #milky-way rounds.

Empire-level achievements will be repeatable. For example, every round you can try to get to 1 mil networth, or make 25 successful attacks outside of your family.

Achievement Totals and Rankings

Achievements will be be something that players can compete for, within a single round and across the game.

For example, a given round might challenge all players to achieve 3 specific things.

  • Grow your empire to 10 million population.
  • Attack a member of every family.
  • Expand your empire to 25 different systems.

This will give us a 3rd ranking metric alongside size and nw: players who hit every round challenge.

Outside of a single round, we can define a list of long term achievements that players can try to hit round after round. For example:

  • Win #1 Size
  • Family wins #1 Networth
  • Win all round achievements

Through this we could challenge players to reach for 100% completion as a meta-game.

Passive Achievements

Lastly, we can award achievements to encourage players to NOT do something:

  • Did not attack an empire less than 35% of your own NW.
  • Did not attack a family who was already at war.

This will help us adjust expectations for gameplay on a round-specific basis, while still allowing for more aggressive play in Hardcore and experimental rounds.


bump. still happening? not sure on pie’s priority list atm. seen some attack info examples but not a list of currently active projects.

It’s on the roadmap, but not scheduled for the next release.

Could we instead have the old hall of fame fixed and brought back. Seeing personal and family stats and rankings is better than silly voted on titles.

The feature described here isn’t for vote-based titles.

Regardless, we don’t have to choose between ideas: we can have multiple. Stats and ranking updates are in-progress as part of the upcoming interface changes.

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