#6616 and #6619 war

Yeah, we are having a war. Stay out please.

Also, this kinda bullying and toxicly hostile attitude is a problem, which I would like to address here in our Congress.

Do you think, Small fams should be humble and big families allowed to bully them into NAPs?

What about next round, when the tables turn or you need to be fam members or allies? There is no anonymity anymore, so shouldn’t we try to be civilized from now on?

Sorry, Lustie, no anonymity here…


LuSt of AegonTargaryen (#6619)

due im calm :slight_smile: you just fucked up people like you make ic unpopular think oh yeah if i hit back maybe they wil laccept the nap now u will loose 100+ planets for a measily 25 for u to expo in day was to much


Zanharim of Zanharim (#6616)

That attitude is just what makes IC so unpopular. Bullying and such. Calm down.


LuSt of AegonTargaryen (#6619)

no mate ur a small fam u dont get a say at all but its all good ill make it cleari have 4 days off and u will die


Zanharim of Zanharim (#6616)

We have to dedicate everything then to make killing us a bit harder. Self-defense and all. You will understand.


LuSt of AegonTargaryen (#6619)

ok if u thinkso mate i will dedicate alot of resources to kill you now ty bye


Zanharim of Zanharim (#6616)

I am still open to negotiate. I don’t take this that seriously.


LuSt of AegonTargaryen (#6619)

And now you will die

Demanding comp - whew - seems the root of so many issues.

4 #6619: House Draconian [92,58] 2,332,478 468


9 #6616: Number of the bea1st [76,77] 1,196,753 292

Refreshing to see a real war thread!

Good luck to all!

You might want to post this in Uni, only VLs and L’s can see this here.

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I hope “others” means everyone else in IC. Now leaders are even tagged.



Awww look you seeking attention such a sook mate post all the conversation if u gonna whinge u broke naps on how many other fams already this round we asked for 25 planets for a pnap but you whinged about it and now its come to this.

So keep going and darrk this has something to do with you cause your allie wants in!!

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It’s been a while since there was a normal war thread, this stuff all looks pretty clean to me.
4 vs 9 is a little lopsided, but not like “off the chain”.

  1. I don’t have shit to do with any of this.
  2. @WhiteShadow has not mentioned to me he wants to jump in on someone else’s war, doesn’t really seem like his style.

I mean we haven’t had our morning meeting yet, new reality every time you log in.

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A few notations:

  1. I am supporting a normal war thread, they are to few these days.
  2. I thumbed up the information Zan linked about how Congress works this round.


  • It has come to my attention that some of the NAP breakers from last round are in that fam.

  • WS has been abundantly clear he is gonna get them all.

How he does that is up to him, I am his ally 100% any fucking way the cookie crumbles.



Lustin, what are you talking about breaking NAPs? Haven´t done any such thing.

And yes, I seek attention, because constant bullying makes me sick and I want it to end. I predict it will be a problem in the near future, because anonymity is gone (which I am happy with). Bullying and vendettas will escalate this way. Just imagine what might happen next round, if we meet again and I happen to be bigger and more powerful then. Would I find the empathy towards fellow player who is mere name to me in here? I honestly don’t know. Temptation to dish out revenge would be strong.

I wanted anonymity gone, just so people here would learn to behave and honor each other. I knew it could take some time and we might learn the hard way. This is just my way to try to ease the path to more civilized playing.

Maybe in the current round of MW I am as you put it “a small fam u dont get a say at all”, but in forum I am equal to you and pretty much with all the others. Here I can bring these flaws into common knowledge.

Let’s fight now, until you have killed my fam and let’s find out how much honor I can muster for the next round. WS can join the fun and make a point that grudges indeed follow from round to round and most likely escalate, until people start attacking each other first thing in the round to ruin each others rounds.

No idea if WS thinks I broke a NAP while I was absent from my fam and pissed off my leader too, because I did not take his side in the forums (I had no clue or proof of what had happened). Maybe there is someone else in my fam who has done something wrong to him.

Whatever happens, I am pretty sure it will evolve the game into some direction. Maybe it forces people to create new account for every round, because it is currently easier than to behave… who knows.


How do rumors get started?

19 doesn’t need my help.

If I wanted to jump in I would have by now.

I do suggest 16 humble themselves and offer 40 planets to 19 just my humble opinion though.

Good luck tho 19 needs no luck with their skill


Take the planets if you can’t don’t deserve them


Now 1st place fam decided to vulture. Classy act. I guess it is farming round. I think lessons need to be learned the hard way…

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I don’t think they are vulturing I think they are actually taking your planets not planets that belonged to other fam that you took from.

In other words it looks like they are helping their allies 2vs1 your fam which is what allies are for right?

19 are my ally. Me helping them is not vulturing.

Zanharim, you created the situation by refusing a NAP offer. If you choose not to make a deal when it is offered, then you have only yourself to blame for the end results.

Now, on to the more important point. The idea that you (literally you Zanharim), could ever teach me a lesson.

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How could Zan Harem teach HydroP anything when he learned what he knows from me? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Who said I am going to teach you anything? It was continuation regarding the whole community and honor and all that.

Of course, if you, or anyone else, do not learn anything here, then you’re just doomed to repeat your mistakes over and over. If you do so and expect different outcome from that, then you are just insane.

I did learn from LuStIn, Cells, Leeeeee and you a lesson. Not much, but something.


You didn’t learn anything. You took away something from a situation that will directly cause this to happen to you again.

If you learned, it would be that if you know your fam has lost, make a deal. Even if it is going to cost you in the short term. Nothing wrong with making a deal and trying to get payback later in the round. But no, you decided to push things and keep trying to negotiate from a position of power when you are not in that position.

So if I can teach you, help you, advise you or whatever…it is that yes, you can lose a fight and still be ok!

And since you want to discuss honor, just because you define something as honorable or not honorable does not make it so. We all have our own opinions of what entails honor.

In my opinion, if I wish to help out my ally at any point…that is my right and the honorable thing is to help if they request it. My duty is to my family and my ally. After that comes everyone else.

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That duty makes you a blind follower. Also your arrogance makes you a bit blind too. Or at least short sighted.

Who are you to tell me if I have learned? Maybe I know something you don’t? If you think that is impossible, you are just limiting yourself.

IMHO, taking short term loss, when another is just around the corner and your fam is in disadvantage from the beginning, pummels any fam down enough that getting any payback is just not going to happen. The reasoning behind; “it could happen, it has once happened in 100 rounds” just is not worth the effort. Small fam has to take some risks. It is better to go down in flames, than suffer the heat whole round until the result is the same.

That is one handicap of this game. There is hardly ever any surprises. 3 member fam just can not outgrow 4 member fam and thus it has lower ranking early and thus randoms arriving go inactive, because they do not want to play in a small fam and thus small fam can not later challenge bigger in a war later on and thus will lose the war and the gap between grows and all that will exponentially happen between every family in the galaxy. Yes, skill and organisation make a difference, but that also accumulates to few drafted fams and the gaps just widen.

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Oh I don’t follow Zanharim, the fact you haven’t realized that yet makes you blind.

And I am HydroP, since you asked! And no, you don’t know anything I don’t know (in regards to this game). Yep, it is arrogant to say that but it is also fact. I don’t just know things in this game anymore, I create things. I take old dying strategies and make them them look silly with new strategies.

The problem with this game is that it is full of whiners who don’t wish to play if they are not one of the “top families”. Their only answer when getting hit big a bigger fam is to scream like a child “I will get you next round…I will teach you a lesson!”.

All you make me want to do is go and smack you around when you act like that. Your little pity party that you have for yourself is sad. I hit 6606 for 25 planets about the same time that 19 hit you. Guess what 06 did? They came to me and asked for a deal. I took a total of 35 and NAPed them. They understood the differences between us. Could they have gone suicidal on us? Sure…but they knew what the result of that would be and they made a smart decision.

What do you do? You decide to go suicidal…go for raids and piss off a larger fam that you won’t beat.

The biggest problem I have seen this round, and it isn’t just you making the mistake, it has been others…is that you think you can negotiate from a position of power or equal footing with a fam that will clearly dominate you. You are so stubborn and short-sighted in that regard.

Don’t be like you…be like Ordos

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True, Ordos will have a fun round of diplomacy. He is a nice guy, nothing against him. I had a NAP with him too. Only NAP I had. He did not try to bully me into it and was civilized about things. We would prolly get along just fine in the same fam and he could be my leader, if I just would get to attack and fight a war now and then.

I have never played IC for diplo. Nor for rankings. I am different, I know. I create things too, you’re just full of yourself to notice that most people here create stuff. Not just you.

Don’t be like you… be more human, please.

P.S. Deleted and am gone. Maybe I get back to IC again at some point, when you, community, have fixed the flaws, maybe I won’t. Who cares. Not many.