#6616 and #6619 war

all i will say is you started this and we have basically finished it with u having fam members go inactive all for your gain on nothing you have no power and thats that take my deal i sent in game or not your choice and just find it funny how you try make us out to be the bad guys but u only posted some of the message not all.

@Zanharim makes very valid points! Actually Zanharim I do care…I think everyone has their own view and ways of playing but I always believed in being fair. Weather in at the bottom or the top of the galaxy…IDC if your hitting me or I’m hitting you I will always do my best to be fair and stick to my word…I’ve done many planet payments, i’ve done many NAP’s but not everyone is into diplomacy like me. I don’t mind fighting it out, but I definitely don’t like bullies…

Idk what I’m saying, I guess what I’m saying is: People (the community) on this game needs to be more fair weather your on top or bottom. I’m the type of person that would take 30 planets from a fam and give back 10 (maybe, depending) might defeat the purpose of ever warring them, sure. It shows humanity, it shows willingness to be fair, you can still dominate and not run people away from this game. I hate when a fam quits because they were raided, or because they’ve been hot 4 times…

This community needs positive change and some healing. And also a lot less sensitivity…

But what do I know?

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@HydroP… who the fuck is this guy??? @Zanharim
He just deleted no? He debated all this shit and deleted? So thats that.

@kingray so you agree with the person who broke naps last round and then got his family into shit this round and deleted just now?? … good to know. Noted.

P.s @Easyway is also in that fam the nap breaker


Kill the nap breakers period

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@HellRaizeR don’t ever misunderstand what I say…I never once said you agree with him NAP breaking. Period. Don’t try to generalize me based on your views. What i said is what I said, I feel that the community can do better, that is the only thing I agreed with him on. Do not misunderstand!

@HellRaizeR seems like you feel that if I agree with him on anything then I agree on NAP breaking and deleting and all that crap and I do not.