3 Word Story IV: Complete

Recently, I decided to run away and play this game butt naked in bright-pink bodypaint dancing in the town square.

The game was janky as usual, despite human sacrifices to enhance the validity of Pie’s piety. As everyone knows, Pie really likes giving birth to peach pie, which is quite painful but delicious so Pie’s pregnancy pains made him giggle hysterically. Steven Spielberg hates pie but made a movie about apple pie. Malcom McDowell played chess with Charlemagne who cheated by killing the Saxons but having sex was Malcom’s countermove. Charlemagne’s sex game involved onions and liver from a two-headed chicken; which dark magic was used here?

This sentence was suddenly marked for direct cucumbers that ladies sliced thinly. It was delicious.

Tomorrow, the prime minister of Belgium will stick his big nose into a F35 attack fighter. In furious retaliation French people bought the fat Belgians who ate fries with shitty beers. But then, suddenly, the big storm in the Netherlands caused all the dams to breach. Luckily the Dutch being very gay, as in cheerful, could float on Belgian beer barrels without using their high IQ brains and amazing skill, surviving the storm. The Belgians however, having superior skill, and having nothing but amazing intellect the Americans were conquering Belgium with fat shooting cannons in Belgian fries.

Suddenly, the Germans dressed up as sexy gender fluid pole dancers who dream about the days back when they tied onions to their belts which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry across the pond which was filled with nails and tears of the innocent victims of The_Unknown, unknown to everyone that his dirty secret encompasses, however the intergalactic milk company had his confessions.

They sentenced him to death by making him eat heineken flavored cheese but he asked to die by alcohol overdose, so 3 beers were brought in. TheUnknown drank the beers but wanted more and died crying.

In the afterlife, the only thing available to eat was pineapple pizza.

Beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful.

you forgot some words again!! :frowning: saddest day of my life