3 Word Story III: Complete

Listen, everybody occasionally steps on a lego brick, except perhaps the relaxed ambulators of the Leglesslegolegolas fanclub.

They might be plastic, if boiled for Super Fantabulous Dude’s unholy, sick pleasure. Rumour has it that Pie might enjoy unholy, sick bricks. Although it makes no sense, it really is the best thing to enjoy if rusty spoons are involved, because touching myself with a rusty kitchen utensil ignites a vivid almost orgasmic feeling.

There are also websites dedicated to games like Imperial Cornflick, but it shouldn’t be allowed because the patrons think it is their right to impose game monopolies on the Cornflicks.

However, ordos234 is a bad stripper who has a painfully small, tiny gnome named Amok that smokes lots of octarine-laced cigarettes while watching online cat videos while watching online pseudo macho weightlifting videos of giant midgets with a bad taste for the no sense making rusty spoons.

Nonetheless, the empire of The Unknown dark Heart of Reinhardt.

Reinhardt was a champion in Overwatch but was banned for lobotomizing his best friend with bananas in pajamas. His friend was Ordos234, a millboy, whatever that may contribute to this stroke Primo’s ego with nonsensical pineapples. People didn’t know the suffering he got from all this uber hate towards taxi drivers and his little car.

This story is getting very expensive to maintain!

Somehow, it seems that ZoZ is one sexy manbeast while dreaming. Meanwhile, space, the final frontier was waiting for the voyages of the afterlifeship to the past year 1995. It spread out like crabs in a afterlifeship bucket. Afterlifeships are typically slow to reach their afterlife. However, they usually get nuked but have a picture of naked ZoZ to remind them that he is actually Superfantabulous Dude’s long lost sister’s cousin’s uncle’s that he married last week.


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Awesome ZoZ is an uncle grandpa

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And also your daddy