3 Word Story: Complete

Brought to you by the Imperial Writer’s Guild.

Part II is upon us!

There once was a player named Brobdingnag of Lilliput.

He was very slow but steady and he had a pet named Flopsy, who was a great big and brightly colored chameleon crawling on rocky back of a giant antelope that really liked playing crochet and fighting butterflies. Brobdingnag one day decided to make pie. The Pie was not a cake. This made Brobdingnag think of a song named, “Sometimes I Wish I could kiss a player named Brobdingnag”, a haunting ballad no one had ever heard the likes of.

Although it was time for music like heavy metal as Brobdingnag was just about to take a long walk off a short away from shore on planet magrathra where its citizens tell stories about a hero called Super Fantabulous Dude!

And was president of Asteria where anvils are made and dreams die. Then one day everyone started to vomit violently until the sun rose.

Meanwhile, the moon made everyone happy by offering many useless stuffs like the tides and discounted cheese. Brobdingnag decided to go visit the moon. Then the moon also invited some Martians along for a night of intergalactic psychadelic entertaining and debauchery. After Super Fantabulous Dude discovered that he could not breathe methane from ice, nor could he see in the Future with his super esp powers, he nevertheless could party like a Clerc resident from Omicron Ceti III. But unfortunately, he Died.

The end? Or is it?

Could he have miraculously encountered the multiclustered star destroyer floating high above his home planet? Yes, in fact the destroyer decided the McDrive was cheaper than the autobahn in Germany so he took a trip to Austria in his cute little pink Vespa.

When he tore off his tear-away pants, the Austrian police got all turned on.

The End.