Wrong News

T-785 Infrastructure We have built 100 Living Quarter on xx,xx:x.

I didn’t build these, also when I clicked on view I now know who did build them :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesnt give me any sort of advantage, but some day some where it might :wink:

Yeah, it’s an old bug that haven’t been fixed for long time. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting. :slight_smile:

Free infill and still people complain :yum:

ikr. My agents are too busy dieing from being thrown at portals to provide actually auseful intel. thx bug.

HAHA yeah lol, the reason IC agents are useless is cuz your sending hundreds and thousands at once, the enemy can totally see them coming :stuck_out_tongue:
IRL to avoid detection you would send like 1 agent to go investigate if another country was trying to build a stargate (maybe 2 at a push :P)