Why is Terror of the Night

After acquiring much fame and fortune within the continent of Netropolis, Don Chase of the da Godfathers moved on to take over the Universe as a whole. After setting up base on a single lone planet late in the round of the Milky Way galaxy during Beta 3, he tried his hand at galactic conquest and totally sucked, getting whipped badly by a long-forgotten player. The following round saw Don Chase elected leader of Pirates of the Galaxy, one of the top 10 families during the expo phase. He relinquished leadership to a better player, but yet found leadership thrust back upon him twice more during the round. The family finished 21st, with Don Chase finishing 18th in size and not even making the top 100 in net worth.

A fellow mafia leader from Netropolis, Enterprise, recruited Don Chase into the famed Harkonnens for Round 1 and hence Terror of the Night was born. That round saw Terror participate as the lead attacker for the Harkonnens during the storied Donut Rumble – a tri-war that lasted through the entire last half of the round as the legendary Tortuga Nebula Thugs and Spaceborne families supported the stubborn and yet decimated front-line Harkonnens in their quest to turn the tides of war.

From there Terror would retire for a few rounds, then return for one or two, before slipping back into retirement. Organized the MW vs the Universe custom game. Played in the very first Draco round.

Later, was one of the players deleted by Mods for drafting during the round where a furor was raised over that issue and the hacking of the Thugs out-game forum. That led to the Stefan and the Mods agreeing to make drafting legal the following round. That round saw three families be filled with long retired Harkonnens and Thugs coming back for one last go-around as old allies.

Last played in MW 16, training members of Monsters of Mayhem, a family of mostly newbies, and instilling the stubborn mindset of the Harkonnens into their play. After being betrayed by our allies, we fought a month-long war against another alliance and managed to more than hold our own in the Alamo War.

Retiring to a life or privateering and drinking Spice Rum along the edges of the Universe, Terror went unheard of for more than a decade. Long believed to be no more, he unexpectedly recently dropped out of a black hole into the Milky Way galaxy once more.


Nice, i remember Tortuga Nebula Thug family well. Always a strong family, had a few wars against them.



Long time no see:)


Welcome back Z!

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