Who is Xeno?

I don’t really want to say anything about myself, but do wonder what others might say to introduce me…

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~ Piranhas! ~

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Rise of the Piranhas

Document discovered from archeological site on planet 23,53:9 of the Pinwheel galaxy:

Week 19, 5, unknown revolution of the universe

The Search for the Xentia

The Xeno Syndicate had sent a colony vessel to the Pinwheel Galaxy to establish a presence in the galaxy and thereby investigate reports that the Xentia Faction was in the process of a conducting secretive rebellion against the Xenox.

The Xeno Syndicate had established their base within a family of empires of what seemed to be a neutrally-aligned family known as the Cloud. After erecting preliminary infrastructure, the Xeno Syndicate sent out a request to the Cloud for additional resources and income to quickly establish forward operating bases, thereby promising the Cloud the Xeno Syndicate’s services as a loyal attacker-empire. The Cloud acknowledged and accepted the Xeno Syndicate’s role in their family, and granted the Xeno Syndicate’s request for the additional income and resources. All indications were that the Cloud was pleased to have another attacker empire in their midst.

The Xeno Syndicate conducted scans of the galaxy in search for evidence of the Xentia faction and their plight against the Xenox. Their aim was to make contact with the Xentia and determine the nature and extent of the rebellion. For many revolutions of the universe, the Xeno Syndicate had been waging its subversive campaign against the Xenox in the Sagittarius and Andromeda galaxies, and rumors of successes in the Pinwheel galaxy had drawn the Xeno Syndicate to investigate the matter.

The decentralized organization of the Xentia movement made it difficult to ascertain which empires they were or which families it was that they had infiltrated. The transmission that the Xeno Syndicate had received prior to establishing themselves in the Pinwheel Galaxy seemed to have been Revalon in nature, authenticated by the Xeno Syndicate intelligence community. Scan after scan of the various systems of the galaxy would eventually reveal the origin of the transmission, and the Xeno Syndicate would eventually be able to make contact with the Xentia Faction in the Pinwheel Galaxy, if the Xentia did not contact them first.

Soon the plans of the rebellion would be discovered, and thus so too the ultimate plans for the Xeno Syndicate in the Pinwheel Galaxy.

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Rise of the Piranhas

Document of unknown origin:

Week 29, 5, unknown revolution of the universe

Contact with the Xentia

It wasn’t long before the Xeno Syndicate was approached by a member of the Xentia in the Pinwheel galaxy, an associate of the Revalon civilization that had originally beseeched the Xeno Syndicate to establish a presence in the galaxy.

The Xeno syndicate did not respond immediately to the transmission, which was Quantam in origin, opting instead to study the communication to verify its authenticity.

If authentic, it was clear that the Xentia faction had infiltrated at least 3 families of empires in the galaxy.

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Rise of the Piranhas

Document of unknown origin:

Week 43, 5, unknown revolution of the universe

The Xentia Code

Upon authenticating the contact with the Xentia in the Pinwheel galaxy, the Xeno Syndicate soon thereafter received a transmission from what seemed to be the Xentia leadership. Strangely, the message was encoded so as to seem that it had originated from within the Xeno Syndicate, which astonished and Xeno Syndicate intelligence community. Moreover, the message seemed to have been dispelled to numerous empires throughout the galaxy.

The Xeno Syndicate devoted fervent effort investigating how it could have been that the message had originated from them, and discovered that it had been sent from the most secure workstations of the highest echelons of the Xeno Syndicate leadership, simply an impossibility. The message was deemed untraceable. The Xeno Syndicate intelligence community came to the conclusion that members of the Xentia faction were highly skilled in masking their communications. The message was as follows:

"Adhere to the code, my brothers and sisters: inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness; transparency rather than secrecy; integrity rather than corruption; adhere to the law rather than submit to the criminal; strengthen our numbers through strengthening the weak; attain honor through the destruction of dishonor; such is our noble cause, and this will serve us victory.

-The Xentia Code-


Re: Rise of the Piranhas

Document of unknown origin:

Week 12, 6, unknown revolution of the universe

Chaos at the Imperial Forum

At the Imperial Forum of omnipresent immortal one, Emperor Stephan, ruler of the universe, the Xeno Syndicate voiced their call for reform of the status quo. This was the second time in the history of all the revolutions of the universes that the Xeno Syndicate had made such a call for change. The first time they had done so, the Overseers had deemed Xeno Syndicate in violation of the Emperor’s decrees, charged them with subversion against the Emperor and barred them from their assets in the galaxies, forbidding them for a period of an entire revolution of the universe to interact at all with the universe except in official capacity as members of the lower courts at the Imperial Forum.

This second call for reform of the status quo thus issued by the Xeno Syndicate was issued at great risk, the Xeno Syndicate high command expecting severe repercussions once again from the Overseers. However, since the first call for change, Overseers had experienced a marked separation between those who had come to sympathize with the calls for reform and those who wished to maintain the status quo. For after the initial call for reform of the status quo, an investigation of the ranks of Overseers was conducted by the offices of the Emperor, which exposed certain corrupted Overseers as having profited by the suffering of the newly-evolved sentient races, extracting tribute from them and sometimes even enslaving entire families of empires in many galaxies. The offices of the Emperor did not know what verdict to bestow upon the corrupted Overseers, and, as such, in a rare act of actual interaction in the affairs of state, the Emperor himself intervened and proclaimed the corrupted Overseers to be known henceforth as Overlords. The Emperor allowed them to retain their stations at the Imperial Forum, but under the title of Overlords, rather than Overseers.

This caused havoc in the upper courts. The Overseers had been divided into two factions, and, as such, when the Xeno Syndicate made its second appeal for reform of the status quo, the upper courts presented both support from the Overseers and, predictably, contempt from the Overlords. As no unanimous decision was to be reached on punishment of the Xeno Syndicate by the now divided courts, the Xeno Syndicate was free to conduct its subversive and yet transparent rebellion against the Overlords at the Imperial Forum, as well as outright war in the galaxies against those empires and families who were aligned with the Overlord’s Xenox Faction.

A campaign of peaceful protest and civil disorder was thus launched by the Xentia-aligned empires and families at the Imperial Forum, shocking all the neutrally-aligned families and empires at the sheer number of empires aligned with the Xentia. The Neutrals, as they came to be called, had been caught thoroughly unaware, for they had not been privy to the proceedings of the investigations of the offices of the Emperor into the corruption of the Overseers; the Neutrals weren’t even aware of the Overlords, and thus were unaware of the recent division of the upper courts. Only a few grasped that they would be required to choose sides eventually in an apocalyptic war between the Xentia and Xenox factions.

The military campaigns were being planned across all the galaxies, the Xentia and the Xenox were posturing for what both sides knew would be a most epic, inter-galactic conflict.

All representatives of all the empires of the universe at the Imperial Forum awaited some verdict or proclamation to be issued by Emperor Stephan, but all also expected his aloof disinterest in the mundane happenings of the empires, families of empires and now factions of families to continue. War the likes never before seen in all the revolutions of the universe was on the horizon.



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