Who is Willie Miller

Well, the real Willie Miller is the former captain of the world famous Aberdeen Football Club, unfortunately i am not he

I am a nearing middle aged, slightly overweight, slightly balding and greying Scottish bloke

History with Imperial Conflict

Used to play IC a long time ago, over 10 years at least i think, as i generally am not a very regular player, i tended to start being a banker/farmer after i got into the swing of things, as it was difficult to get involved in fam attacks

Other Hobbies

play darts and drink beer, attempt to play golf from time to time
also talking weird local dialect from NE Scotland

Thanks for reading!

lang may yer lum reek


Welcome back!


Welcome back, @WillieMIller!

What kind of beer do you like?

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if i can get it in a bar, don’t laugh, coors light. but normally drink a Best, its a darker creamier kind of beer, and less gas so it can be drank a lot easier(read quicker) than a normal lager, but there’s loads of local breweries so normally always something different to try