Who is/was retorica

Hey all, I am Marc a 41 year old Belgian father of two boys. One 11 years old and one joined the familly 2 days ago to say of in IC terms.

Other then my account history reveals i played a good amount of rounds.Milky Way, Pinwheel, Draco. Starting about 19 years ago.

Lost track of IC sometime around 2009 when my eldest son was born. To return for a couple of fun rounds around 2016. And today i came back to witness IC to be still up and running.

With years that have gone by my now 41 year old brain only produces flards of memories of those old round. But some names and players i wont forget.

Altruist , a dune related team with player names like House …
Then a few rounds with optical illusion, Visser, cestan, heavens. Obscure TheMes like pharao, iraqi scud missile launchers,… (the 20 players families era)
OtherS i have played and chatted with on irc: syeknom, lizzy , sogil,…
And not to forget the role play forum.

Probably i forgot to mention a lot of people!

I would be happy to run info any of the above mentioned players sooner or later or meet others!

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Welcome back, glad to have you

Somehow i managed to forget Nolio in the text above. Fatigue to blame. And dozens of others with that. IMHO IC the community was more important as the game .

Wb i believe we might have played together…

I’m fairly sure we did at some point in time, and ty