Who is Vegnarok?

Since no one posted in Lounge yet, so I might as well start topic! Hello! I’ll introduce myself.

Vegnarok. My alter ego for a character in a story I’ve created since early 2000. My story evolved over time. I’ve always use this name for rpg gaming. :slight_smile:

I am biggest fan of Imperial Conflict since I was introduced by friend from other similar browser space war themed game. I joined probably closer to Pinwheel Round 5. I became obsessed with map and fight my way around. So much free time back then! I’ve met many incredible IC hardcore players over many years. Some I like. Some I don’t. But I love team-based strategy to grow economy. That is my favorite strategy for my mind. I love math. Calculus III. That’s how far I went and failed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did Vegnarok come from? Of course, it derived from Ragnarok. Also, I’m fascinated with Final Fantasy series.

(sits in lounge alone and lonely, tapping on keyboards with fingers) lol

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Calculus III, snap!

Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?

im torn between FF7 and FFX, but FF7 will always be best classic in late 90s, FFX is fun…hmm let’s see if i can try this…

That’s alot of FF. :open_mouth: I did quite enjoy FF7 but I’m biased towards FF8 as it was my first one. Cheesy love story for sure, but it had some great characters.

(side note: I created a new “Introduce Yourself” category here and moved your thread into it. Congrats on having the first post!)

one thing that really make me wondering what it’s all about Ultimecia theory, that make FF8 very debatable in old forum long ago

I do remember it being a bit confusing but also very intriguing at the time. I also remember thinking Rinoa was super hot haha. Video game crush, what? :heart_eyes:


Is that person still around in the community? :thinking:

i don’t remember his name. But my first IC buddy was Lord Satan from Norway. He don’t play IC anymore. He is very good attacker. No one want to mess with him, also nice attacking combo with me. :slight_smile:

More about me:

I work overnight in dormitory in an university in Washington, DC during fall and spring semester, giving me some free time to play IC when there is nothing to do at work. I’m still trying to graduate soon but I owe money to university. Wish me luck getting back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, currently, I’m full-time gaming on Wonder Tactics on my phone everyday. I’m hooked to it. If you like that game, please let me know so we can be friends.

I am working on website but please excuse my lazy delayed work. www.vegnarok.com (I also create fan page for IC as well in there)

Oooh Final Fantasy 7 was definitely the best! Though I really enjoyed the story in FF8, I didn’t like the junction system and whatnot.

What’s a Vegnarok?..

He loves almond :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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A Vegnarok is a type of muscle car (defo no lies)

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Still the biggest fan of FF games, Played FF7, 8 and 10 the most.

I love FF as well. I picked up a PS2 off craigslist about a month ago, and then got FF12 for Christmas, which was a game I’d never played. I’m not able to game like I used to, but it seems fun so far.