Who is Vash the Stampede [Warhammer]

My ingame nick is Warhammer and I am grumpy…

Work in grocery/retail as a vendor. (Putting my education to good use lol)

History with Imperial Conflict:

Mw: Beta 3 started playing in middle school was introduced to it by my best friend, played it at the library. Got some basic knowledge from Small Empire.

Mw: Round 1 or 2: SS fam with 2 good players including skyring was in top 100 till i got ganked by a massive illegal alliance involving 5 family’s. Learned how to work market, iron based strategy. Hence my stance against ia, ua and any variation there of…

Took a couple rounds off, played partial rounds in a couple of small fams.

Mw Round 6/6.5 the crash, joined late ended up getting leadership of a fam in the mid 60s. Learned a lot about leadership. Family was getting farmed by a team in the 20s so i have a hatred for farmers and what it does to the game.

Mw Round 7/8 joined Bringers of Death we ended the round 7th had a key deletion, fleet bugs during eor war despite leading most of the round. Played with A great group of players including Darrk, Umbringer, Betro, Buttheads, Dise, spooky. Refined econ/teamwork, learned how to fight a cancel war, and general attacking strategy.

Fam 7
Nw 47/ pc 88

Mw Round 9 Rather than join another competitive family i wanted to build my own with new players. We were doing ok made some mistakes and ended up getting canceled on by golden armada right after coming out of a long war. Ended 15th first top 20 appearence. Important round first full round leading learned a lot from the vet leader TMK, first round with a bunch of crazy Australians, KiLLoR.

Fam: 15
Personal: Outside top 100/ we did get somebody 28 and 32

Mw 10 joined muppet and the foundation solid fam led by muppet, also had nibbler, dimpel, Asher and a few others, was a late joiner got caught in a expo war lost to PP was the start of a heated forum exchange.

Fam ended up: 20?/ record in incomplete

Mw 11/12 brought back some of the players from my first fam and did some recruiting for scrappy attackers from bottom fams had a blast, key member was Darklegacy, KiLLoR, might remember few more names later

Fam 34/24?

Rank 34 got hit by same fam 2x believe it was realdeal/ 20 something missing record

MW 13/14 meeting theodora and weed, fun relaxing rounds with nice group of people.

Fam rank: 20/12
Personal: 82/ 87

Mw 15 After a couple rounds off it was time to lead again pulled in a great crew who despite not having allies fought off the muncher, dyslexic, and ?/ and tdc tri from andro, just got unlucky being right between them but stood our ground. Key members: hyperia, borg omega, buenl, thunder, KiLLoR from my first fam,

Fam rank: 12
Personal: 41/-

MW/Tri Round 16, 17, 18: started off in mw but transferred to Tri was hoping to have a rematch and making my own fam randomes into PP but ended up staying as requested by dimpel. Was interesting learned fam bank system and banking from PP and dimpel, met orbit he was even less charming back then.

Fam rank: 1/2
Personal: 74/34 , 16/22

Return to MW rd 19
Joined fam with hardcore4ever, ended up taking over a fam experiencing mass deletions. Players: Snailex, Redemption

Fam rank: 9
Personal: 21/24

Mw rd 20, 21 Bringing the band back together, would colead with Paradise, KiLLoR couple people from my original fam plus new additions including agh, enterprise.

Fam rank 1/4
Personal 1/97, 43/?

Mw 22 reshuffle, Paradise and Agh would not play with hardcore4eva, also first round with torqez. Started off leading through around half turned it over due to DC disagreements, was asked to leave fam by torqez and hardcore.

Fam rank 3, 1 in size big forum argument over which is more important
Personal 33/25

Mw 23/24 reforming the team again with Paradise and Agh, running out of steam but it was a good run.

Fam rank 15/4
Personal ?

MW 25 the return of impire and many mw vets for a final showdown. Went with a strategy involving naps with small fams using core agreements no planets and created a bufferzone no fam was able to get through, so much salt was mined, paytime proved why he is one of the best attackers to play. Scyldings a random from pps fam in tri joined as a co leader.

Fam rank 1
Personal 32/ 46

Had some adventures with Kt, parrot, torqez and gang won some rounds in mw and andro but game wasnt the same competition after mw25 died. I join every few years to check on the game…

Missing names and details might add later…

Other Hobbies

Boardgames, ccg, tabletop games

Thanks for reading!


Yea, I remember you! Though I played with you more times than that, did not always use the name ‘snailex’


Nice to see you around hope things are going well.

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