Who is TIF

I found that old ranking data (https://imperialconflict.com/round-stats/rankings.php) which helped me remember my IC history, so now i can post one of these :slight_smile:

First TIF short for The Iron Fist, but i’m not offended if you call me tiff and assume i’m a girl.

I live in New Zealand, in general we are pretty laid back, and amongst kiwis i’m known as laid back. Hence the not being offended thing.
NZ is GMT +12 so often not many people are on during my day, mostly my morning and night.
I work in IT where I am Automate the testing of applications, mostly at the GUI level.
I am married two children, 2 and 5 who keep me busy when i’m not working or playing IC.

I don’t have much time left for my other interests but regularly play board games, like to play any sports. Used to play soccer before having kids.

My full IC game history: that i can find/remember

My first round - Sag dwarf beta 3 (I think i started my The Iron Fist account sometime during this round in mw)
6 The Order Of Light Wardancers 2912844 108

MW beta 4 (I think I had another account with nick as The Iron Fist but was in a very inactive family)
58 The Black Hole darcen 97 6844660 Milky Way

I think i skipped MW round 1, possibly there was some overlap with orion round 2 and i couldn’t be bothered with 2 accounts anymore

Orion round 2 1st planets and nw - Shortened The Iron Fist to TIF.
My last round as an attacker.

From then I played as a pop banker.

I think i was in this family in Round 3 MW.
27 Dominatrix’s Family (130) (x:77,y:79) 938 29831913

Round 4
Leader - One Night Stand family finshed 9th size 2nd nw

Round 5 got skipped or called round 6 due to the crash, i cant remeber.

round 6
Leader - One Night Stand 1st planets 3rd nw

Round 6.5
Leader - Axis of Power No 1 at crash nw and planets
1 Axis of Power (1342) (x:119,y:66) 93959516 2438
From memory that nw was mostly infra from the first large flint jump/s.

Round 7 data doesnt seem to exist, think i was in some AYB family or alliance with Impire and Genesis

I think i played pinwheel round 8 with some other MW players who wanted a break under alias, dont remember family or names used or finish.

Then I stopped playing for about 10 years and returned last round for MW where i had fun in Family 44.

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hey tif :wink:

Great history!

What kind of board games do you like in particular?

I play with a regular group who are always buying the latest board games, so a new game Evey other week.

But my favourites that I own are Dominion and Agricola, currently teaching my son to play ticket to ride, which is a pretty accessible game to get into.

In general I like board games that have some sort of resource engine with a variety of ways of building that engine, around 1 hour or less playtime ideally.

I’ll be checking out redlinks new boardgame when it’s published :slight_smile: