Who is thirdrock


I’m thirdrock, long time forum troll and occasional player.

I’m an engineer by trade, born in South Dakota. Moved around a bit with my wife and now 8 month old son, and am currently located in the paradise of Cleveland Ohio.

I found IC from a classmate when I was probably 10 years old. I had a few multi accounts that were blocked, and then finally created this one after I gave up that life of crime.

I’ve played in every galaxy, was a tutor, forum mod, and mod for a few years. My most memorable rounds were the first IC Playground drafted round, a SD 4 man family with Parrot, Torqez, and Destroyyoutoo where we won the round while playing incognito role playing as Japanese exchange students, and recently the TeamSS galaxy playing with the idiots.

Genesis got me to come back for one last round of IC mafia about a year ago and here I am still.

In my free time I like to be outdoors, hiking or playing ultimate frisbee. I also read a lot, and am a craft beer enthusiest.



Heya @thirdrock!

What kinda engineering do you? Also, any recommendations on beer? :ic_surprised: :beer: :yum:

Chemical, but I have been in marketing / product management for a while now as opposed to any actual engineering.

I tend to stick to the regional stuff so not sure what you can easily find, but Firestone Walker is a good Cali brewery that you can’t go wrong with :ic_smile:

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