Who is The_Unknown?

Or short: TU. Should I answer this or remain unknown? I guess I’ll answer because I promised Pie X(

I got introduced to IC through a high school friend of mine (still friends) back in 2001 I think. I joined in triangulum round 1. At first I had a different nick but I quickly got banned for spamming so I made a new account and I didn’t want anyone to know I was that spammer and thus The_Unknown was born. Alas I also got known as a spammer under that nick :frowning:

Game wise I had a few decent rounds mostly as a banker, and a few great rounds in Draco as an attacking Revalons :smiley: . The game lured me in but it was for the community I stayed. I roamed the forums and the channels on IRC and got to know a bunch of idiots. I think it was TC’s idea to make it official and hence The Idiots [TI] were born. Most of my time on IC I wasn’t actively playing except for the few times we rallied an idiots family. Needless to say we weren’t really competitive, but we did have over 10k (right, TC?) threads in our fam forum! I had fun messing around like this for years :slight_smile:.

Oh, I did start up the first “Confessions” thread and it existed for a looooong time, not sure if it’s still around now. Should do some investigation!


I think it was more than 10,000. And we’d spam private messages to our enemies! Great fun.

We did a lot of goofing around like that and those times are some of my fondest memories of online gaming.

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I remember that confessions thread. It got so large it broke!


And then Nolio started a new one:


Good times!

Come to think of it, it was 40k threads I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol yeah, mods always closed it when it grew too large afterwards.

Yeah that sounds about right xD

time for a new thread? :thinking:

We need a confession first :blush:

TU is a bottomless recipient for alcoholic beverages.

He also sits in an office and speaks with computers

it grew too large

That’s what she said.

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‘’ At first I had a different nick’’ what was your nick ??

That’s what she said



Much like its founder then

TU is actually a caring individual deep down.

There’s a lot of deep down with TU amirite

there are many ways to the cave of his clay