Who is TC

The name’s TC. I started way back in 2003 I think, randomed into a family after I had seen an ad or something mentioning the game online. To this day I don’t remember anyone from that first family but they took me under their wing and showed me the ropes.

TC comes from “The Confederacy”, which was my empire name for the first couple rounds. I had just completed the original starcraft campaigns for the first time I think. AdmStukov was my IRC nick, which changed to TheConfederacy as to be more easily identified, which people shortened to TC. And it stuck.

Eventually made friends with some other misfits in the forums, started an IRC channel called #idiots and [TI] was born. Many goofy adventures were had.

I’ll need to dig through the archives and figure out where on earth my first family went.


I somehow remember “The Confederacy” more than TC. I have no idea how, as I assume you were TC for much longer.

Anyway, welcome back! What have you been up to lately?

Welcome Back TC

Thank you sir!

Not a whole lot going on in TC’s little world. Got married, have a job, bought a house. 2 cats, 1 dog, no kids yet. Living the dream!

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How’s the mortgage in a US market for a millennial like you?
Also have kids when you dont want sleep anymore

We bought last year just before the surge in prices, so lucked out! Isn’t terrible.


What dog? DO you tell it it’s a good boy enough?

Girl*. And oh yeah. She’s a Husky/Lab mix and just hit 6 months. Energetic, stubborn, independent as ever :joy:

[TI] now thats a forum tag I haven’t seen in years. Back when forums were still yellow. I don’t recall if I ever visited but saw it come by a million times when I checked ppl’s whois to see in what channels they all were.

Welcome back [TI] T.C.!

The #idiots channel was quite popular at some point indeed, besting #mod and once in a fortnight #general