Who is SqwarkyJoe?

Hello guys,

The names Ricky, I live in Brighton, England. I work for a big data company as an Enterprise Architect.

I’m an old player, I think I used to play around the early 2000’s (Maybe 2001 - 2004), I would have been about 16. I’m married now with 1 kid. IC taught me a lot about HTML actually, as I spent loads of time creating custom frames for the game and sharing them with other players. Looking back on it now, it was really simple, but back then it seemed so difficult.

My Brother and I used to spend hours on this game, waiting for each tick so we could accomplish our goals, I was a leader of a few families too, but can’t remember any names at all!

I’m back to check-out what’s going on, its a shame to see the player numbers dropped. I’ve read some of i_like_pies posts on why he thinks that is, and its a shame.

I’ll talk to my brother later and get him playing again. Once I get out of the training galaxy, I’ll try to be as active as possible in the game!

Cheers guys



If it helps, I’ll probably have some ideas about growing the game, but I’ll need some time to get back into it and understand how it all works again.

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Hey Sqwarky Joe!

Welcome to Imperial Conflict! I’m happy you joined. Yes, we’re struggling to grow the player base. But we are tight community. I’ve been around IC for long long long time and I worked for Pie, which I am happy to have that honor.

You can definitely share your ideas with us. Pie would love to hear that. :slight_smile:

I hope you can enjoy playing. :slight_smile: