Who is soccer_09


Hi, I’m soccer_09. I stopped playing around 2010, and was a noob back then and now I’m a bigger noob. Only difference now is I work and pay bills. Glad I found my way back.

History with Imperial Conflict

I played many years ago and had good times with the Happy Tree Family. I think we took first that round. I had many good rounds with my buddy Impire. Also, remember playing with Happy, Listos, and many others that I can’t think of right now (sorry). I lost everything on my old computer a few years back and had screenshots of pretty much every family I had played with. I remember I was mostly an attacker, but one of my last rounds playing was banking for Impire and he made me one fat banker!

Other Hobbies

I work two jobs, so there is not much time for hobbies, but I invest in options and do a little bit with crypto in my free time.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading and good luck. If you see me ingame, have some mercy on a noob! :wink:


Welcome Back!

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Welcome back soccer09

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Hey Soccer09! Welcome back :smiley:

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Thanks Hala!