Who is shell/baneful


I am a returning IC player after a 10 year hiatus. Back in the day, I remember being frustrated many many times over the other members of families not being active, and not sticking to arranged deadlines etc. This game gave me a good sense of working with people from multiple time zones at a very early age, and also about fulfilling duties to other members in a team. Obviously as a non-native English speaker, it also gave me early exposure and allowed me to interact with different people/cultures, and to practice English.

History with Imperial Conflict

I joined the game after I noticed someone else playing it in the computer lab of my high school. I logged in, started playing and couldnt stop playing for 3-4 years. If I remember correctly, around 2008 was a time when the game started to lose traction, and the number of people playing decreased every passing round. I stopped playing and only came back after receiving news that this would be the last edition of MW. I thought long and hard about not joining, as I remember the time I spent with this game. But eventually I did and hopefully for a last suspenseful round.

It is way back in the day, but I remember playing against and with several players from then. Fallen Angel, YourDownFall, The Big One, Seventh, Angel of Death, Nightwish are names I can remember. I think Mercenaries family had a good run of several wins in Pinwheel back then.

Other Hobbies

Lots of reading, and some tennis (2-3 times a week)

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!