Who is Revenant?

Hey everyone, I’m Revenant, come back after yet another break. I’m sometimes out, but never gone for too long, plus I like to check things out and see how this game is evolving from time to time. I’m keen to play around and have a go.

I am one of the original players, playing from beta’s and really miss my old partner in crime Ramza… We certainly tore this game a new one, but as life gets busy and our attention fade to other things, we head off into another direction but I know that this game will be here like a warm blanket when I need to chill and stare at the stars…

I’m back for another round to catch up with old pen pals and maybe make a few new ones…


Welcome back!

That’s beautiful. :ic_cry: How poetic!

Welcome back. :ic_smile: Whatcha been up to since the last time we saw ya?

Been busy with work, but spending time looking after the family… 2 kids now… I think last time i showed up, i had one… They are great kids. Though im getting over this lockdown, and then saw a post about IC and was like… sweet i certainly have some time now.

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Wow You are still alive!

Hello , some nice words there :wink: