Who is Rawr

Hi everyone,

My name is Jasper, although people ingame will know me as Scouty, Rawr, or more recently, Mountain Dew. I’m a 28 year old guy from the Netherlands and I work as a freelance ethical hacker, primarily in a bounty hunting fashion as I’ve re-enrolled in university to complete my degree which is a requirement for me in order to land my dream job, which unfortunately I cannot name here.

I first came into contact with Imperial Conflict about 20 years ago, not entirely sure which year since I was quite young at the time, when my cousin was playing this new fancy space game. My cousin stopped playing shortly after starting, but I was hooked. It was my first time in a multicultural/national online game, and I absolutely loved the idea of space exploration, combat, etc.

The first real memory of playing in a family came from a family named WTFII’s Rough Redneck Recruits, lead by Tutor WTFII and I remember pestering him for aid and Vice Leadership every minute of every day, spending about 2 weeks in his family due to me sticking at 9 planets on purpose.

Nevertheless I eventually graduated virgo and landed in a family with people The Empress, Magrathea, Onion, Dolby and whoever else. The empress eventually left the round early and Magrathea, who I later learned to be Twistedpuppet, took over. I have no idea what I did that round, I was mostly obsessed with playing the theme music to war of the worlds and various star wars themes in the background while chatting to players in the family.

As a result, I would argue Imperial Conflict is actually the breeding ground for what I consider quite a good understanding of the english language and I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as fluent if it wasn’t for IC and it’s community.

Over the past years I’ve played in many families, and I have lead a few myself. I soon found out that leadership wasn’t for me as I get too involved and too addicted to the game, so if in my eyes someone else doesn’t put in the same effort… That would’ve been difficult for me to deal with.

I think my playstyle would be best described by the phrase ‘an eye for an eye’, although in the process I tend to forget that’ll eventually leave the whole world blind. Nevertheless I like to treat people the same way they treat me and vice versa.

Anyway before I steer too far off course, notable players I remember playing with would be:
Colorado, Pitbull, Swagga, Melvin, Twisted puppet, Lee, Noir, Deadkennedys, Alundra, Dronez, CanDance and I’m for sure forgetting some players now so I’d like to apologize in advance.

There’s been way too many memories and names for me to list over here and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s made the memories possible. I know I can be a hot head, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you all, you make the game we know and love what it is each and every round again.

Thank you for reading my introduction and I look forward to making more memories

  • Jasper

P.S. that dolby dude had a saying as his signature, maybe one of you will recognize it:
May your aim be true and don’t forget to duck :smiley:


That’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard, is how many people have benefited from IC in their personal lives. There seems to be a bunch of people who honed their english, or got into web development, learned leadership skills, etc. That’s awesome.

That’s cool too that @twistedpuppet lead your family in your first post-Virgo round, and that you still remember it. It’s great how many of these connections are still around.

May your aim be true and don’t forget to duck :smiley:

Is that a star wars reference? :thinking: