Who Is RavenSCO


Ok my intro wont be as dashing or complete as the others…

Started playing in Early Betas first family i landed in i hit gold and learned a LOT from leadership after the first round i played i was voted as leader. Took the name The Forsaken when gdl dropped it formed TTA family and we were in the high 5’s for SD for the time we were around…

Think i was pretty well known at that time. i remember sending alliance requests and after accepted the proposal in the other fam forum was titled What Do They Have…
There was only 1 entry …The Forsaken … lol still makes me laugh.

too many changes too many nerfs for my play style i dont wanna be pals i wanted to OWN the galaxy.

Been away for around 15 years now and through FB have came for a wee look see at what its become.

Not sure about this and that tho no worries we shall see.

TTA Forever…

( Toon Town Army ) that would be lol…


Welcome back @RavenSCO!

TTA, haven’t seen that acronym in quite some time :o :o

You still in touch with any of those guys?


i still am in touch with springy and yam is about all and of course sylvester as she is my oh


Wait…toon town army?? that sound familiar to me! Isn’t it a family picture of cartoon toons from 90s? I had to google it, and it turned out differently than I thought, lol

Are you going to keep playing with us? I hope you do! Welcome back! :smiley: