Who is Random?

I was introduced to IC by @Zulnoth in 01 or 02, I would have been 15 or so.
I went by Some_Random, which regressed, then when I had IRC on both phone and PC ModnaR emerged, now I’ve regressed again :grin:

Milky Way all the way! I played a little Draco, a few rounds of PW with @Suicidal_Sushi, but MW was my life, after messing about in a few bottom fams I landed with Sushi, Darrk, Roguesun and BoO, it was a great round, our fam was mostly inactive but we still finished top 20 somehow, then the rest of the fam joined us the next round, Ved, Spooky3do and Thunderlen amongst others, we played hard for about 3 years together mostly as Penguins and a few other themed rounds, these were definitely my golden years of IC! I learn so much from all the players who I put time in with.

I left for a few years, then popped back in to win 2 icpg championships around 07 ish, then nothing again until maybe 2014, my first proper round back and still one of my favourites, we were The viper Jocks (BSG) I attacked with Meija and co-lead with Aeonflux, we had an amazing round, every aspect of it, it was the very last 3 month round and I don’t think I slept for more than 3 hours straight the whole time.

I started (or restarted) IC Radio a few months back with @I_like_pie, we had a few really fun shows, we had planned on doing like half hour segments and I think our shortest one was about 2 hours with much drunken rambline afterwards :smiley: but ended up going MIA after a while because of life :frowning:

Reminds me of back in the early days when we used TeamSpeak and myself and Chomp used to Jam on there and called it Penguin radio, I think, bad memory haha!

Outside IC i’m a Chef, it sucks :smiley: been doing it for 15 years, I tinker with my garage full of motorbikes whenever I can, always played with classic jap cars over the years too, nothing post 1980.
I’ve also played guitar for roughly 16 years, had the highschool punk band🤘music is the thing that keeps me sane, live it, love it!

Done rambling. :metal::v:


you left Out, pot smoking n00b :smiley:

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I figured that would just shine through my interwebs aura :innocent:

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