Who is Podabear


I live in the Kansas City area and have worked in software for 10+ years now as a Project Manager/Team Manager for an ecommerce/supply chain logistics company.

History with Imperial Conflict

I started playing IC back in middle school (2000ish) but can’t remember my old account name/email. I played for about 2-3 years with my other friends who played at the time. I mostly played banker/resourcer as family sizes were 15ish at that time and you could afford to have multiple folks in each role which really help limit the focus of what you had to do.

I played with a team that used Jackass as its team name and all the members of Jackass for their individual empire names for most of my rounds as they had VIP members that could keep drafting us to their team and they were a cool bunch of guys.

I’m rejoining in partial due to COVID and have extra time as I’m working remotely until all this clears over, but all this nostalgia and really renewed all the fun I had playing this game in the past

Other Hobbies

What do you like to do your spare time? I enjoy playing video games with my buddies as well as outdoor time with my kiddos/wife now that the weather is getting nice again.

Thanks for reading!

Its been really great to meet new folks and just getting back into a game where there is a passionate fanbase that cares for the game and are open to getting new players back in the door and training them up when we have questions, really appreciate that!