Who is Pixies?

Hi IC-community,

Lovely face-lift, a shame about the headcount. Ironic how IC was booming whilst it’s developer (Sven/Stan?) was inactive (~15 years ago).

I originally joined IC in 2003 as an early-teen (not this account) to help me build relations with my recently acquired but distant/disinterested step-father (OscarTheGrouch). It helped. It’s a game he played a lot at the time.

After a couple of rounds, I was hooked to the game. It was the community more than anything. It was far more mature than I was used to. It was really engaging having conversations with relatively mature, very funny, and intelligent people (Primo, TU, ZoZ, Wendy, etc.). iRC and the forum was wonderful. I never met any of them in person, which I regret.

Beyond this, IC exposed me to and helped me mature characteristics teenagers don’t really get the opportunity to work on: long-term teamwork, strategy, planning, coordinating, delegating, maintaining cohesion, etc.

I was active from 2003-2008. I was best known as Pixies, but went by Razack originally and Caboose for a while. I didn’t do anything memorable or spectacular in my time (I was likely viewed as “the annoying but active/useful teenager”). I eventually led a few fams, and I think we may have won a round of Pinwheel once…!

IRL: University beckoned me away from IC and I’ve not really been back since. I got a PhD in Aerospace, got married, had a couple of kids, bought a house, worked in a space technology company for a few years, and a couple of years ago kicked off my own space technology company. This may sound tenuous, but I genuinely think IC played a tangible role in aligning my career trajectory towards what it has become. Thank you.

I certainly don’t have time to play actively going forwards, but I would be very happy to engage in conversations regarding how to rebuild the game/community to its former glory, how to get new users (but more importantly, how to maintain a high user retention-rate). It’s been done before. And though the world/market has changed drastically since then, I have no doubt it could be done again.


Hi pixies, wb!

I think your memory is a bit off, this doesn’t sound right…

“relatively mature, very funny, and intelligent people (Primo, TU, ZoZ, Wendy, etc.).”


Hi thirdrock :)!

Ha, I should have emphasised the “relatively” in that sentence.

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Welcome back!!

TR is just jealous of TUs encompassing intellect. Perfectly understandable that he doesn’t agree.


Hello Pixies, I remember you :smiley:

Didn’t know you were Elon Musk though, nice accomplishment! I also never knew you were somehow related to OscarTheGrouch :o

Anyway, welcome back!


Welcome back!
Always great to see another player that can recognize how unusual an experience IC is, and how playing can teach people so much.

It’s still a blast. <3

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TU! :slight_smile: Still suck? Yeah, probably…

Hope you’re well, man? So how are we going to reignite this game?

Thanks, Darrk. Except for the lack of activity, I have no doubt the game is still awesome :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Welcome back, @Pixies. :slight_smile:

Congrats on all the great things you’ve accomplished!

Your willingness to brainstorm with us is very much appreciated. :+1: Our current roadmap is described here if you’re interested, and #roadmap:brainstorming is very much open to any and all ideas. I’m sure your fresh perspective will prove quite insightful.

Of course, feel free to hang around for casual discussion too. :smiley: I hope your company is doing well.

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All things considered I’m pretty good yeah! I have my own IT company, but the only employee so far is me :stuck_out_tongue:
I was thinking about drinking beer and spam to get this game going again? Used to work in the past ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I saw you do part of that: publishing articles, giving lectures, inevitably going down that aerospace road. I was sure you are going to engineer mars planes somewhere down the road. Still am.
Then getting married (was it the dutch girl?), and then I fell off the social media planet. Seems you have meanwhile successfully reproduced, congrats!

@The_Unknown get him back into TI channel on discord; so you can prey on pics of his kids;

secret cunning real plan

and we can casually ask him about his near-patented designs and steal em and buy booze with it


How is life? Still lawyering? What flavour? Settled down?

Dutch girl ditched me as soon as it went long-distance for the then-foreseeable future (fair enough) :man_shrugging:. I married an English psychiatrist. My emotional intelligence compared to hers … it’s like she’s playing chess with a blind slug sometimes.

Ha, I did persuade/coordinate a few students to spend their masters year designing a super-light Mars plane for me; continuously flying, low-altitude, solar-powered. Feasible, today!

Ah, so you’re still a paedophile, @The_Unknown ? No worries, I’ll ping over some nice pictures of the little ones :+1:.

Awesome, we have lots of IT and are looking to outsource. What sort of IT do you cover? Got a website?

Beer-fueled spam :thinking:. You may be on to something. If we reviewed the wider influence of beer-spam on forum activity, testing out one beer variant each day (Leffe, Duvel, etc). Yep, that’s definitely science. It’s gotta work!

I never admitted that!! I just like teens like any normal person would ! :ic_angry: So you can hold off on those pics for a couple of years still :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a java programmer and whore myself out to other companies at the moment on a freelance basis. No website as of yet.

Desklawyer4life - serving pharma and chem companies. I have no soul.
2 kids and a mortgage, living in the country. I planted trees and everything, and I keep bees lol

Get into the TI discord!

i too share a similar story except for the father part. well mostly the (I was likely viewed as “the annoying but active/useful teenager”).

Hi, pleased to meet you



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