Who is Pickle-Army


I live in St. Louis Missouri and have a pretty boring job but I can work from home and play IC all day. I am married, have two golden retrievers and an 11 years old daughter. I play on a world champion men’s league ice hockey team. Between walking the dogs and playing hockey I try to stay active.

History with Imperial Conflict

I was introduced to IC by a junior high buddy. I can’t remember the exact year but I know it was the round after the beta was over. Back then I would play under the empire name Xavier. Believe it or not I was a bit of a scoundrel back then, I remember getting banned for account sitting … I remember one time I was angry with an ally and I nuked them … then proceeded to blame it on my older brother ( I don’t have an older brother) and promptly deleted. After that I would play mostly in PW and Draco here and there and played under the name PickleArmy. The name Pickle Army came to fruition when I had to create an xbox live tag and happened to be eating a pickle and listening to the band Tiger-Army… and Pickle-Army was born.

Thanks for reading!

Yup :stuck_out_tongue:



I spend some of my childhood going to school in St. Louis, MO. So yeah, I was Blues fan until Colorado got Avalanche. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s awesome intro! PickleArmy!

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yea veg weve talked quiet af ew times , i know what school went to, and yea id say the avs are fairly high on my rankings ,

born and breed in STL myself, Florrisant and ferguson area, die hard blues fan for 34 years, devils fan since i can remeber then after that prolly have to say penguins or avs would be next :smiley:

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