Who is Ordos234

Hey all,

I`m a dutchy who started playing IC in around 2002. Used to be in high school then, skipping classes so I could play IC in the library. Mostly played on Sagittarius Dwarf as a SS guy. No idea why I picked that galaxy as I could never remember how to write it… even now I had to look it up. Also tried banking a few times which was a lot of fun.

Fast forward a decade and I am a father of one now and much more mature of course! Never really thought I would play IC again until I saw an old e-mail when clearing my inboxes. Decided to start an empire thinking I would go inactive like all those other times. But as it turns out I`m having a lot of fun again with the game, although I am getting my ass handed over to me atm in SN…


Ordos is my son.

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welcome back, any reason you cant join milky way? lack of open spaces??

I joined MW aswell, but its a bit boring atm. Feels more like Imperial Simcity.

You forgot to mention your spamming

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I have no idea what you`re talking about

Don’t deny your ancestry!

Happy Cake Day, @Ordos234! :cake:

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