Who is Nai?

I had a rich and history with IC…

Joined in at the tail end of Alpha one… didn’t quite get the jist of the game, as it ended very shortly after I had sent out my first ships. Think I had 2 planets =) (I know, rock star!)

Due to time, I played beta one, randomed into StarStrikes family and basically watched him own the MW. But I learned a lot watching his attack styles etc, timing of attacks and waited.

Beta 2 rolled around, and I found myself leader of family 31… the lead family with Thakendar and several other notables, we teamed up with a 3 way alliance, and called ourselves the Confederation. We challenged milky way that would protect sector 2 (back then it was 3x3 sectors in size, and far more spread out than today, also systems had a random number of planets *b/w 10-20… with 12 seemingly being the norm)… StarStrikes family, with guys like Zane and allies like Gwar and supported by a large cast of other alliances, such as IC Mafia lead by mace, basically fought one of IC’s most indelible rounds. Multiple constant war saw the Confederation largely uphold our oath to protect sector 2 families, with late gains by Mace’s group in the end, where they did end up with a few systems.

Was really an amazing round, during which, I was introduced to Stefan and some elusive guy named MasterMike … gave them some ideas, which saw the launch of Chat… (and basically the end of life outside our mothers basements for some 200 of us…) .Being the first chat operator, gave way mid round to being promoted to a MOD and helped see IC round the next 6-8 rounds. I modded along side some really great people, Like Lizzy, Zane, and many more… and helped IC flourish.

The end of my playing days came about during round 6?? where I amassed a massive sum ultilzing the market. There was a fair bit of controversy over it, but 17 hrs a day of modding and playing lended itself to that success. This was the last round of the .00 market, as Stefan changed that the next round, where the process was still successful but no where near as lucrative as previous rounds. Anyhow, Stefan wanted me to delete, due to large pressure being put on him, as many players felt it was an exploit to take advantage of the market. But, after a couple hour converstation, it was agreed I would delete over 100 BILLION in assets from my account. I was still sitting on 108M Network, and larger than 90% of the families in the MW combined… But, a massive player/galaxy wide attack on me, wiped our my air, and I never recovered. I resigned at the end of the round as a mod by deleting my credentials, and have lurked for the past 13 or so years.

During the couple years I was a MOD, I saw IC go from 800 active accounts to over 22,000 in 2003… We did a purge of multi accounts and that reduced it about 20%… but, I experienced IC in its romantic era…so many people loved the game, enjoyed the company, we were like family… I remember crying for days when Tigrane past, and remember many others who have also gone before us, who loved playing this game and its community. It will always be a part of me.

Other part of the game I made notable contributions was the Pretender vs Contender threads. I did stochastic simulations on the game, using a 100x100 grid and several simple variables… Some threads had 1000s of posts as players talked about the families, who was what and where… and was widely, though not entirely, accurate. Which of course, was apart of the game the so amazing.

Anyhow, I didn’t want to write this… PIE made me do it!!




Thanks for posting this. You know, I’d never actually heard that market situation properly explained, it was always just “Nai got demodded for cheating”. It’s unfortunate how gossip spreads!

Anyway, welcome back! How have things been outside of IC?

Great post Nai!
I do remember the market-gate… that was quite a thing indeed, had an impact on the community! Everyone was very quick to make up their minds you had to be a cheater lol… gossip can be an ugly thing indeed.

So, are you playing now? Any plans to play?

My time is very valuable, to myself and others… I do have time here and there to dabble… we’ll see… Lurking and randomly terrorizing unsuspecting with the thought I might be “that guy”… about all I have time for these days… but… as with all things IC… one never knows for sure.

yes… gossip is a terrible thing…

The key no one picked up on, is IF I had cheated, Stefan would have deleted me himself… he didn’t. I proved without a shadow of a doubt to him I wasn’t a cheat… second clue is I was still a mod even at the end of that round. The reason I agreed to deleting all those billions of assets, was to even the field and be fair to the game community, and Stefan. I basically figured out a way to make the marketeering strategy “monopoly capable”. Stefan never intended for the market to be used this way. And if I had continued, who knows where I would have ended that round… perhaps even surpassing Starstrikes Beta1 round.

And if you remember more of the details… there was another who cheated, but I don’t want to say who, as he was already punished for it.

I remember when IRC was cool

good ole Nai

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Meh, not how I remember the details of the cheating. It was pretty openly disclosed that there was no way to prove you had cheated and because you were quite adamant you did not (which as a mod you would know there was no way to prove it) Stefan had no real ground to stand on and therefore couldn’t delete you. Instead the res were removed and everyone shit themselves when they heard the numbers because it simply was not possible. We had visions of ridiculous sums for weeks, yet anytime a chunk was taken out to jump or build fleet you magically had more.

Also - did you not hide it from your own family? I thought remember some of them not being aware of what you had and being just as surprised as the rest of us. How is it someone with such a large amount of res hides it from his fam and shares it between 1-2 other players.

The same ground you stand on to make these vague arguments supporting your side can also be turned around to support the other side as there is no actual real proof. If you proved without a shadow of a doubt, why did Stefan delete the res?

I’m sorry but some people here may beleive this nonsense but you wasted a round. You wasted my time, my friends time, and you did it by cheating. You want to sit here and act like you did it for the community and to make the game fair, fine - but I ain’t buying that bs and I hope no one else reading this does either because I lived and had to compete against this and it is simply not acceptable.

My time is very valuable, to myself and others… I do have time here and there to dabble… we’ll see… Lurking and randomly terrorizing unsuspecting with the thought I might be “that guy”… about all I have time for these days… but… as with all things IC… one never knows for sure.

“that guy” - stop idolizing yourself. It’s just the exact type of characteristic you would expect from a cheater.

Why don’t you shed some light on your ‘market monopoly’ situation that you so thoroughly explained the Stefan to prove without a shadow of a doubt, that you didn’t cheat. One would think since it was changed just a short time later you would have been happy to share such a viable strategy. I don’t expect anything breathtaking, but why don’t you give us your best shot.

lol Static… one of my adversaries that round… maybe you were more upset we nuked Zane’s stash prior to his jump for the war… I am a bit annoyed that you just assume I cheated… as I said, gossip is powerful.

But I digress, There was a lot about the market back then… I demonstrated pretty much everything to Stefan… I stashed large percentages of my actual resources on the market, so if I needed resources, I would just delete the bids, thus if you had visions, you’d probably have just encountered one such action… AND, I was the one who told Zane to vision me before the war… he told me there were no visions up until that point everything you saw would have been prewar… as I was dumping off the market to aid my family for prewar efforts.

I will add this, as it might come up, and I like full discloser on this. There was some concern about the food market, rounding up/down on fractions of food… but that’s all Stefan and I could come with, and even then it might add just a couple of GC on a transaction. We stress tested the market for an hour or more… that was it.

And to shed some light on the market, since you asked for nicely :stuck_out_tongue: … there are probably some screen shots on the old forums, but I would stack large blocks of buys and sells above or below the market prices… and collect profit or resources on market movements. In the first couple of weeks of the round, I didn’t have enough to lock down 3-4 or more hours of the market, but, by the time expansion phase was coming to an end, I did… and as the round progress, I ended up with enough I could move the entire market up or down by whatever percentage I wanted… it was exceptionally lucrative, and so once I had “control”, I could start sending resources… thus, there were not many big blocks of aid sent out, as I was heavily invested in on the market. and Static, you remember, the market was down to the hundredth of a GC…So, to step up or down a few points was a cinch… basically everyone bought or sold to/from me while I was online… and I was online A LOT…

That strategy is nothing new and everyone else was buying/selling in the top fams as well. It was more an issue of whether you had the means to do so or not than if you understood how it works. We were all active, we all participated and we all were bidding against each other in efforts to min/max playing the market… My point in the visions is not that we didn’t see anything substantial - it’s that the amount we did see never depleted, ever. We knew it was hidden on the market but the fact that it simply never ended and was such an absurd amount by the end of it all - that is what drove the entire galaxy to crush you. The math simply doesn’t add up.

First off, it wasn’t the entire galaxy Static… it was a few of your chain alliance type friends… if was cheating I would have been invincible… and of course, I wasn’t… and frankly, that was the ultimate failure of the market strat…

And I know your just prostrating… I sent aid to family, not one or two, but all the active members… So my balances were always changing, not to mention all buys and sells coming in off the market, and aid… meh, you remember it your way if you want… nothing I could say will change your mind obviously.

I remember the round.
I did a calculations at the time and the amounts you reportedly had, were more resources than the galaxy could produce.

So either the amounts you had were incorrectly reported or you intentionally or unintentionally exploited a bug.

Still distant past and at the time I assumed you unintentionally exploited a bug.


Blockquote I did a calculations at the time and the amounts you reportedly had more resources than the galaxy could produce.

Based on hearsay… Yep, that’s how I lead off all the time…

Hi btw TIF…

Hi and WB :slight_smile:

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I was Nai’s ally that round with Inviltrist :smiley:

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Nice to see you back Nai :smiley:

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I remember organizing/ helping organize that Galaxy wide attack on you.

Good ol days.

Also can’t believe people are so salty about something from over a decade ago

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I know… Funny really… But the passion we had for IC… I get it why. I dont really do anything like this these days… Learned that lesson. Came close on Eve Online…