Who is MTG_Dad

Hi there folks, i figured it was finally time to introduce myself. I have been playing IC for about 2 months now, though this is my first round in MW. I work in management for a grocery store, and have worked in the food industry in some form or fashion my whole life. I have been married for 5 years, and have an adorable 4 year old boy.

SO there is the generic stuff, I started playing IC because I was looking for another game I used to play, Utopia, and in that search I found this game. Im still fairly new but felt I have picked up a lot in my time here. Recently I started the PvC thread back up again. I am not great at it but I hope that people like what I have put out so far,

I am one of those people that know a little about a lot, I have a ton of hobbies that are all over the board. My biggest one is my name sake, Magic the Gathering. I have been playing for about 22 years, before I was married I played competitively a lot. Now days I mostly play online, but i do still go to tournaments when my schedule permits .

I also am a big video game fan, mostly MMORPGs. I used to play WoW a lot, but have been playing ESO lately.

At the moment my son is everything to me, he is a daddys boy through and through. And he has such a big personality.

So thats me in a nutshell, if you want to know, ASK, i try and be an open book and I plan to stick around for awhile.

Oh and be sure to tune into IC radio this saturday, we will do our first live PvC.

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Awesome! I love Magic the Gathering. I stopped playing them because they cost money to collect everything i want. ha

Mayve we can duel on MTGO? i only have one deck, but its not really powerful but can be very annoying. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s kraken-bounce deck. :smiley: I am actually thinking about going back but I checked my budget. I don’t know. Rent and bills have to come first. :frowning:

Teach your son about everything! Video games and MTG! haha make him a pro at IC too :wink:

COOL! I used to play MTG competitively too, but then moved, and lost touch with group I used to build and test, and go to tournaments with.

Don’t be so shy man, you’re PVC’s are great! Really enjoy reading it :slight_smile: