Who is Macewindex?

Hey guys, I am actually pretty new here. I am only going to be giving a little insight into my short 18 years on Earth.
It has taken me a good 20 minutes to think about what to say because my life is one of those generic ones.

For context to the next bit, I live in England.

I went to a school that may as well have been a private school but wasn’t because of the area it was in. If it was half a mile down the road then it would have been private but because of how good it has been since 1834 people have moved closer and closer bringing more attention to it as a general school to go to.

I came out of that school with good enough grades for going to the A-Level section of the school. Only trouble was that there was a lack of people doing the Computer Science course (even though it is a computer science and science speciality school). That threw me off because it was my only choice for my next steps.

I ended up having to go to college (sort of what Americans would call a community college but not really because a Level 3 BTEC Diploma is equal to an A*-C at A-levels). In college I was studying a Level 3 in web and software development. That was amazing, it would have lead to me going to university and finally getting a degree in web and/or software development. The only issue was that i was ill for the entire first year with a vitamin B12 deficiency, tablets and injections was not working and by the time the end of the year came, all the deadlines had passed (every 3 months was another deadline but I had failed to complete the work due to the vitamin B12 deficiency.

After being declined any redemption of carrying on with Level 3 or dropping to Level 2 with a chance of doing Level 3 the year after that, I decided to do a short course for I.T. that gave me literally no qualification (of any use). The course did however boost my confidence again and give me more leadership skills that previously I didn’t get because I was always being taught the work not teaching it.

This course came with a 100 hour work placement which I chose to work for a small social media company that did back stage rehearsal videos for The Verve and much more to do with Music, Awareness and business videos. I was the lead website developer and in those 100 hours created the site http://badkamra.co.uk/ using only the code section of WordPress (they have no coding knowledge so making it on WordPress helped them once I left).

Once I finished there, I was unemployed so I had to start doing lots more housework to pay my way. I have since been doing self studies on HTML5, CSS3, JS and many other languages. I have had to log everything that I do because I am still battling with the dementia symptom of the B12 deficiency.

I have been working on a $1200 ethical hacking course which will eventually teach me many ways to crack security and will help me to prevent them from happening as well. I am hoping to use all of these skills that I am procuring to help battle the fact that I haven’t got many qualifications from life after secondary school.

I have most recently found an under the table job working for my uncle as an Expert Advisor developer (I make trading robots). I am having a fun time working on that and is bringing in cash every now and then.
I am still looking for full time employment and will be looking even harder after my holiday this month.

As far as my Imperial Conflict knowledge goes, I am new (as said before). If you have never seen me before then I doubt you have been on discord any time since the beginning of Milky Way 55 to now. I have soared to #1 on the chat rankings for activity.

In Milky Way 55 I was fresh to IC and I brought my ego with me from past strategy games. That didn’t spark well with others but then again an ego from a new name will not go well with a vet anyway. It was said from day 1 that i was being removed from the fam but I ignored it and kept on with my ego. as soon as the big game started taking effect, I was out of the team, (mainly because my ego turned me into a keyboard warrior and I had a go at the leader but also because everyone expected me to just join up again on someone else).

Once the trigger was pulled on me to be lost from my family, I jumped straight back in and had 0 ego, I played out the round and did well, I was active and participated well with my second fam. The issue was more that the fam had set up what the future was like and all roles where already set. I was just there to warn off and aid into the family bank. The round then ended and we said our goodbyes.

When SN started I was back to my ego, but out of the people playing, I was top 5 on infra for that first week of protection, proving that I knew my stuff in terms of how to set up on SS.
I declared my inactivity on the 4th or 5th day saying that I would not be on that much for SN and that I had real world issues. I was away for about 3 days and came on to see that the week had ended. I popped on to do some defending and played my game, I was still quite active but after a few days I slowed down. It felt like days between my logons but I was still top 10, then slowly; top 15, top 20 and finally top 25. I stayed there for the rest of the round going up and down a few ranks and played diplo with a few of the lesser actives. SN finished and we had our congratulations in chat.

No point in talking about balius, I have been top 10 in both income and a bunch of resources since the start and I have logged in like 8 times.

Finally MW 56.

I am not going into details but roughly the scope is; I got into a team, tried to give away leader, couldn’t, became the leader, dealt with inactives, doing ok at the minute.

Sorry for it all being boring but as I said, I live a generic life.

Thanks for reading,


That’s not generic by any means. Pretty interesting, really.

For what it’s worth, this is the industry where this happens all the time. I myself am a community college dropout but now have 11 years in the industry with a fairly strong resume.

My current employer didn’t even ask about my formal qualifications in the phone interview, which I was nervous about. Turns out they wanted me to talk through my code samples and prove that I could speak to the technical concepts.

I’ve been on the other side as well, hiring others. Not every company is like this of course but I’ve definitely seen it time again that what really matters is showing that you know your stuff. We’ve passed over comp sci grads who couldn’t code their way out of paper bags, to pick up people who are entirely self taught.

Best of luck there, I think you’ll do fine!

That’s pretty cool! Is their current site still the one you built, or have they since changed their design?

This is a common problem. =/ We have some issues with role specialization and how much it influences hyper-optimization at the expense of new players. This is something I think we really need to figure out to keep the experience pleasant for the newer crowd.

This was a great read, thanks for posting!

Thanks for the read

Yes it is the same site - my comments are still hidden in the CSS as well - “… by Stephen K”

I’ve been thinking about things I find interesting in other players, so here’s some extremely late follow up questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the origin of your name? I get the windex pun, but is Mace an ongoing nick for you online or is that specific to IC?

Also, how’d you find IC anyway?

Origin of my name: I saw the Mace Windu image when I signed in and then just changed it to Windex.

How did I find IC?: My dad used to play as a revalons. His family was mainly made up of people that lived close by so they would get on at about the same time after work, during work, 4am, etc. to play.
He forgot about the game for a while and when we went down south to meet my grandad he remembered the name and we joined a fam with Darrk, ICD, Modnar, Airnoob, Avenger, Aeon. He remembered how much time he put into the game and told me that he couldn’t play. I got him to aid his resources and we killed him off.

That round I ended up just playing as darrk’s pawn because he was not going to teach me how to play when ICD was being a super inactive banker and a few other issues hit. So I just explored over the entire map and kept my planets safe whilst the fam played with “strategy”.

I decided the game was fun, and because I was already in the discord, I ended up staying.