Who is Luker89


Name is Luke (who would have guessed!), I am 31, have 2 daughters. Work in accounts, boooring!

History with Imperial Conflict

Started playing IC I guess around 2003, played for quite a few years then had a break for a few years.
Been back playing for the last few rounds.

I was generally pretty shit back in the day, I like to think I am much better now. Generally an eco player, I can do a little bit of attacking, but normally end up finding a laser trap or DS.

IC highlight would be winning the first ever round of Supernova.

:trophy: 2013-07-28 Size rank 1
2013-07-28 Networth rank 2
2013-07-28 Finished the round in Supernova

Other Hobbies

Cooking, shouting at my children, playing playstation, most importantly, drinking!

Now get outa here you filthy animal!


You missed the best part of your back in the day info.

Your old name…Ill let you share it. Its golden

:joy: I would rather that was not revealed.

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I said something similar the other day… but unfortunately my grammar wasn’t quite as clear. I sounded like some sort of cannibal farmer.

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Anothing thing that I think is impressive about my history…

It took me over a year to finish a round :smiley:

2006-01-17 Finished the round in Triangulum
2005-12-06 Deleted
2005-11-29 Deleted
2005-11-10 Deleted
2005-10-23 Deleted
2005-09-29 Deleted
2005-09-01 Deleted
2005-08-05 Deleted
2005-06-28 Deleted
2005-06-21 Deleted
2005-06-05 Deleted
2005-05-26 Deleted
2005-05-19 Deleted
2005-04-14 Deleted
2005-04-07 Deleted
2005-03-26 Deleted
2005-03-06 Deleted
2005-02-05 Deleted
2005-01-29 Deleted
2004-12-24 Deleted
2004-12-12 Activated my account
2004-12-12 Registered!

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