Who is kratom


Well hello, welcome to my world. Some call me tom. I’m 29 married 2 dogs etc etc. Never worked IT haha :wink: I’m a chef. So Coronavirus is a wanker

History with Imperial Conflict

Played since 04. Just moved south and found it tricky so I found the internet and came across IC.

Played with most players in the game but I’m pretty stoned so kinda useless.

My {pee-stoner} clan were notably inactive. Did play in in the IC king of the hill? but lost my phone while I travelled South east Asia :joy:. More recently. I made TR and Jets lead my family in IC clans

Made some good friends and hilarious conversations along the way

Let face it I’m a newb unless I have time to play. Rarely but the community keeps me in

Other Hobbies

Like most people I only play IC

Thanks for reading!

Peace and love.