Who is Hells Fallen One

Hi there! I started playing back in 2002ish i think? Got introduced by a friend in high school. Got hooked and played pretty consistently in PW and Tri. Remember some of my favorite rounds being played with Mother Jedi and Happy Jedi. Left for a while mostly due to a WoW addiction. Came back and then left again and now I’m back. Probably spent 90% of my time either being a Pax Pop Banker or Rev CF banker. Never quite got the hang of being a good attacker although i do enjoy trying.

Other than that you can mostly find me playing games on steam. I think my steam library is up over 300 games now. Some good and some not so good. Mostly look forward to playing EU4, The Borderlands Series, or League of Legends.

Hoping to stick around for a while as i love the idea of seeing this game revived back to its greater glory. Plus the more players in a galaxy the more fun it is really.