Who is Hala

Hi all,

I’m Hala. Playing Imperial Conflict since 2000/2001. Started playing after a friend introduced me to this new online game. I got terribly addicted. Played many many rounds, took a break, came back, played many rounds again, took a break, and then about two years ago, Lee suddenly asked me to play a round in his fam. That brought me back to the game again.
Pretty much always as banker, differing from pop banker, to pax, to custom-cf.

I live with my girlfriend, in a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam. Absolutely love that city. I moved there when I started university, and never left. I work in a large international consulting firm, doing mostly technology consulting.

Outside of work and IC I like to play futsal (5v5, indoor football -everybody in the world calls it football, but soccer for you crazy Americans-). Also pretty much addicted to Netflix.
A few months back I bought a Nintendo Switch because I didn’t like my PS4. That was a great decision. The Nintendo is awesome! I love Mario, and Mario Kart. So I spent some time playing that as well. My gf and I play Mario Kart quite a lot too. Tons of fun.

That’s about it.


Ooh Amsterdam, sounds nice! I’ve wanted to travel there for years.

I haven’t heard of futsal before, that sounds fun. How often do you play?