Who is flipmode

Hey here’s a quick IC intro.

Started in Gr.7 I believe and I’m 32 now. Was to young to really know what to do so did the joining deleting multiing. Thought I knew what I was doing but really did not , moved around MW Andro and I liked Triangulum. But really Found my way in PW some names I remember mainly are Beers , Templare , Fallen Angels , cloud, Ricking.

So Me eh. Well from the eh you should tell I’m Canadian. Nope not Toronto or Vancouver. Played every sport growing up and was good at them. I made the Nationals in both downhill ski racing and baseball in highschool. Still ski and would golf everyday if I could and wasn’t worried about what my wife thought of me. We also have a 9 MO which is going to hamper that but she is the best thing .

Travel is what I would do all the time if I had the money. Been to over 15 countries I think but my top 3 cities which change all the time but right now I’d say Annecy France - Barcelona Spain - Mexico City


Yeah… Don’t trust anything from this person!