Who is DjRaw?


Hi all, I am DjRaw - what to say about myself? well im 35 this year, im ex-military. I work in IT, specialising in network engineering mainly with Cisco / Juniper etc.
I am also a DJ, playing Harcore, Jungle, Drum and bass. oh, and I am from the UK / London :slight_smile:

History with Imperial Conflict

I created my first account back in 2000/2001 whilst still at school. I cant remember for the life of me what my account/s were back then. I think I re-signed up a few years back after IC just popped into my head one day. couldn’t really commit too much back then. Was trawling through an old email account and saw an IC email, so thought lets see whats happening. quite refreshing to see a fair few people in the same age bracket :smiley:

Other Hobbies

What do you like to do your spare time? Socialising when Corona weren’t about. drinking and DJing :smile:

Thanks for reading!

Well this is a little about me. hope it gives a little insight. Have a good one and see you on the Map!!