Who is DeepThought

Hello fellow ICers!

I too have been drawn back into the murky world of IC by the random emails Pie started sending out - just shows you that spam does work!

Just been having a look back in history to remember who I was IC Ranking History

I hung out in Sag Dwarf most of the time, starting in the Betas, can’t remember the first one I joined, but my fam managed to win Beta 4 (and I was Mind Share and was top for NW) and Round 1 (The Monkee - I came in 3rd for NW this time). It then gets a bit less clear, I can find myself in the top 10 NW in Round 3 (Paranoid Androids) and 4 (The Mystery Machine), but not exactly sure which family I was in!

I think I was a bit of an attacking banker, but I really am not sure on that, if anyone remembers me and can remind me then please do!

I know I also ventured into the other galaxies a bit and can remember many of the great players from the forums, if not from playing with/against them.

I have looked back in a couple of times in the last dozen years, but this time I rejoined MW part way in to the last round and found myself with the 6236 crew, who were bottom of the rankings (I have since read the history of what happened before I got there).

I enjoyed this round with an active family, so hoping for more fun to come.