Who is Damon?


I am Damon. Thats who that is. Well, it is my characters name anyway. I am Norwegian, and Norwegians are generally not called Damon. FYI.

Guess I’m 31 now, been playing this game since 2001/2002 whenever Pinwheel round 4 was a thing. Got introduced to the game by another player called Lord Satan. So quite literally Satan got me hooked on this game.

Been playing every role imaginable since, in every galaxy , lead a few families, some with great success, some with less.

Outside of the game I am an IT-potato, focused in network engineering and cybersecurity, with a personal interest in the field of AI and how that is going to change the whole infosec industry. I am also the father of a child, a daughter to be specific, now 12 years old. I actually shared a picture of her and my family back when IC-gallery was a thing. A long long time ago.

The last few years I have been off and on in this game, usually doing a few rounds, then taking a break, rince repeat, and for the most part that has been good enough to win a few. Coming back now to see all of these changes meant either finally letting go, or seeing if I can adapt and still do well. We shall see.

Some of you might remember me from the past, if so, good to see you again! If we never said hello in the past, consider this my hello.


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Hello @Damon =) Great to have you back. Tech nerds unite!

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Hey Damon! Im sure you remember me. It’s me, Undead Apocalypse or Apoc. It’s long time, lol. You used to play with me and Lord Satan. I miss old days! Welcome back to IC!


Veg is a multi?

lol no, Today’s Apoc is different person now. He can have that name. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahh ok

Welcome back Damon, hopefully you are still out there.

Wanted to let you know that the IC gallery is back, both in the discourse forums and on the discord server.

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You can find it here: #general:ic-gallery :+1: