Who is Daffy


Name’s Jon. I live in West Oz, just south of Perth. MIddle aged curmudgeon with new age traits. Child of the 70’s, student of life. Started a family young with 2 kids same age as half the players here, and an insane 12yo daughter who keeps me going.
Worked in all sorts of areas, from warehouse manager for a busy toy shop, department manager for the models and hobbies department for the same shop (world’s best dad according to my kids back then), industrial pressure cleaner, professional TA for a mobile mechanic, manufacturing custom outdoor blinds and shade products, and now run my own maintenance business.

History with Imperial Conflict

Started PW round 1 about a week in when my neighbour asked me to join. He lasted less than a year. I’m still here, on and off. This is my alt account I’ve used full time since way back when some asshole abused a free service I offered hosting the data files for the old mapgen. That name, account, and memory have been purged. Played some very good, and very bad, rounds with names that have faded with the passage of time. For some reason I’ve always remembered TBO mouthing off in the forums.

Other Hobbies

Tinkering with junk. Drinking too much coffee. Attempting to drink too much wine.

Thanks for reading!

Something like “Have a nice day!” or “It’s nice to meet you!” will work, but “Bite me!” works better.

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I also found half of my old forum arguements were with TBO when I went through them the other year. :joy: