Who is Brutality?

Hello earthlings!

This is the magical story behind Brutality, the one that bring chaos and maybem to the game of Imperial Conflict.

I learned all about IC when I was 11 years old, back in the year 2000 to be precise. My nephew taught me all about it and I was hooked for years.

My first name was [email protected]… In Dutch (I’m Belgian, Flemish) it means Kozze of [email protected] (nephew of [email protected], the one who taught me the game) I went on to call myself Brutality, well because it sounds epic!

My favorite galaxy was Andromeda and MW.

I prefer playing pop banking or hc opper.

The best memory of IC was my very first round where I ended 9th in a hardcore MW round… I felt so proud!

I enjoy the science of boxing, martial arts, badass bike riding and much more macho stuff. Oh and I like the ladies… a lot…

Career wise I am active in the military and Ive studied for my degree in pharmaceutical, as a pharmacist.


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9th in your first round, and HC one at that. Not bad!

How long ya been in the military for?

I had a very good family. So count me lucky.

Ive been in the military since 2013…