Who is Banzai

Why not!? All the other cool kids are doing it.

Banzai. I started (according to my history) in 2005, and played for a couple years and then kind of popped in and out every now and then. My prime time was in 2006/07 though when I found my place as a pop banker and paired well with “Aleph” who was/is known as a crazy SOB attacker. We did well for ourselves, despite not understanding his broken English all the time.

I was always in irc chat and got along with a bunch of people but for the life of me can’t remember everyone’s name. I definitely remember I like pie (Congrats on your purchase of the game!), Lizzy, Tia… oh man… there are other names that are right there but I can’t piece them all together.

If you ask me where “banzai” came from I will tell you that I have absolutely no idea.

But yeah! Just joined back up in MW and sounds as though there are some old school players in my family, so it should be good!


@banzai, buddy, come back to us!


Banzai… buddy… BonziBuddy?

Anybody else remember this dude?

Everyone had that virus filled monkey!

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