Who is audiodef?

That’s a good question. Okay, bye.


My nick actually doesn’t mean “audio definition.” I made it an esoteric term after getting a degree in Audio Technology from American U. and never having come across anyone else with my level of hearing impairment with that particular degree. I had hearing aids then, cochlear implants now. I made a deal with the Borg to get them.

Another deal I made was to prepare the IC radio shows for podcasting/playing online after the live broadcasts. Pie asked how much it would cost, so, not really wanting to take money that should be used to further the game itself, I asked to be a Patreon. So now I can lose horribly in multiple galaxies. Whoohoo!

Vegnarok got me sucked into this game. I usually consider myself a graphics whore when it comes to games, but I really enjoy IC. I guess what I like the most about it is the building/planning and then seeing how it all pans out when the gauntlet is thrown down. After getting hooked on Fallout 4, I was never able to get into a game that didn’t involve building and planning.

I’m in the middle of getting ready to move across several states, but I’ll hopefully be able to learn more about being an attacker after I’m settled into a new place, which I hope will be some time next year.

K, that’s all for now. :slight_smile:



You moving out of DC then? Last year I moved from Indiana to California and then from California to Ohio lol. What fun…

Idk if you have ever played the board game “diplomacy” but I used to always play it in high school. It is a very thought intensive game where every move counts, always reminded me of ic gameplay.

Good! Now you’re trapped in IC FOREVER!

Hey Audiodef! Nice introductions :smiley:

Thanks, Hala.

Vegnarok, that is entirely YOUR fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

Xenon, yes, I’m moving back to New England, where I grew up, to be near my aging parents and the rest of my family.